Charlie Sheen Getting HBO Show?

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By Daniel Gates

Charlie Sheen HBO


Charlie Sheen is creating a lot of drama right now, but at least one major rumor is totally false. RadarOnline posted an “exclusive” that Sheen will be moving to HBO for a new half-hour show called “Sheen’s Corner.” “I’m close to securing a deal with HBO for a 10 show guarantee,” Sheen tells the gullible site. “It will be epic, all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!”

Let’s examine the “truth and the absurd.” Even more “absurd” is the outlet’s contention that the deal would reputedly give the troubled star $5 million per episode, a dollar figure that no matter how fascinating Sheen might be, it’s not even a possibility. That would mean Sheen would receive a whopping $50 million even before one includes hiring a show staff or writers, producers, and union cameramen and stage hands, to name some of the additional expenses. That’s not remotely feasible.

Naturally, the Sheen-to-HBO story is being picked up everywhere by a slew of equally naive outlets. But the “truth” is the claim is 100 percent untrue. There’s absolutely nothing in the works between Sheen and HBO now. A rep for HBO exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “There’s no truth to it.”

Maybe RadarOnline should shut down production, just like Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men” did. Gossip Cop guarantees if you come back to this story in a month, a year or even a decade, you will see we published the “truth,” while the webloid has claimed the “absurd.”

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