VIDEO: Charlie Day & Jimmy Fallon Play ‘5-Second Summaries’ — It Doesn’t Go Well

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Charlie Day Jimmy Fallon

By Daniel Gates


Charlie Day Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon and Charlie Day played an entertaining game of “5-Second Summaries” on Monday’s “The Tonight Show.” Watch the video below!

The goal of the game, if you haven’t seen it, is to describe a movie in five seconds or less so that your partner can guess the title. It’s harder than it looks. For instance, not everyone will immediately know that “dead guy in a wheelchair” refers to Weekend at Bernie’s.

They got off to a good start. Day half-accurately described Guardians of the Galaxy as “a fox and a tree are in outer space,” and Fallon nailed it. But things kind of went downhill from there, making it unlikely that Day could beat Fallon’s record of four correct guesses.

When Fallon said, “A dork. A jock. A cheerleader,” Day guessed Revenge of the Nerds. But it was actually The Breakfast Club. Somehow, Day also whiffed on what movie could be described as “puppet liar” (Pinocchio). Also, he and Fallon executed what may have been history’s worst attempt at a high-five. Despite their communication problems, Day and Fallon’s segment was very amusing. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think!

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