Channing Tatum “Accidentally Punched” Mila Kunis And “Knocked Her Out Cold”?

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By Michael Lewittes

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Channing Tatum “accidentally punched” his Jupiter Ascending co-star Mila Kunis in the face, and “knocked her out cold,” claims the National Enquirer (and no one else).

According to the supermarket tabloid, during a fight scene for the film, “Mila was supposed to run to Channing’s left side while he threw a punch from his right side, but she got her directions crossed, ran the wrong way — and Channing’s fist slammed her cheekbone!”

The magazine notes she “hit the ground hard,” and had been “knocked out for several seconds.” When medics arrived, says the Enquirer, Kunis felt “woozy,” but even though the director wanted to cancel the shoot, the actress asked to push on because she was “afraid her jaw might be too swollen the next day.” The tab says she was back on the set the following day “sporting a bruise.” Enough!

So, when did this happen? The Enquirer doesn’t say. So, did the knockout occur on the film’s London or Chicago set? The Enquirer doesn’t say. So, why haven’t pictures emerged on an injured Kunis? Because it NEVER happened.

The Enquirer made up the entire story, a source close to the production tells Gossip Cop. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. The Enquirer also previously reported that Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were engaged (not true), and that the couple was “moving to London” (total BS).

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