Ashton Kutcher “Burning Up” Over Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum Getting Cozy?

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By Daniel Gates

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Ashton Kutcher now knows how every other man in America feels — he’s jealous of Channing Tatum!” declares the National Enquirer. Why’s that? According to the tabloid, “Ashton’s red-hot girlfriend Mila Kunis is cozying up to Channing on the set of their new movie.”

Oh, is this the same movie set — Jupiter Ascending — where the Enquirer falsely claimed Tatum “accidentally punched” Kunis and “knocked her out cold”? In other words, the magazine has no idea what’s going on with the project. The Enquirer explains that while there’s nothing romantic happening between new dad Tatum and Kunis, Kutcher is still seeing red.

“Ashton knows they’re just working together and that his jealousy is irrational, but what gets to him is how Mila raves and raves about how nice and charming Channing is,” a so-called “pal” tells the mag. Kunis and Tatum collaborating is “burning [Kutcher] up,” adds the Enquirer source, who reveals, “He’s even been keeping tabs on her through mutual pals on the movie.” The friend continues, “It’s not hard to imagine why Mila getting so close to Channing would make Ashton worry.” Oh, come on.

This is yet another in the endless string of tabloid stories claiming that “cozy” co-stars are making their real-life partners jealous. There’s absolutely nothing to it. Even the Enquirer can’t quite bring itself to gin up a phony flirtation between Tatum and Kunis, reporting, “In truth, Ashton has nothing to worry about.” But that didn’t stop the outlet from publishing a non-story designed to make Kutcher look bad. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the article is “absurd.”

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National Enquirer

Ashton Kutcher is burning up over Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum getting cozy.

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