Channing Tatum And Jimmy Fallon Act Out Magic Mike Scenes Written By Kids On Tonight Show – WATCH VIDEO

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Channing Tatum Kid Theater Jimmy Fallon

By Andrew Shuster


Channing Tatum Kid Theater Jimmy Fallon


Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon read Magic Mike scenes from scripts written by elementary school children on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” It was all part of Fallon’s latest installment of “Kid Theater,” featuring the talk show host and Tatum performing scenes written by kids who were asked to come up with scripts based on what they thought a movie titled Magic Mike might be about. Watch the funny video below!

Tatum and Fallon read three different scripts. In the first script, Magic Mike isn’t a stripper, but rather a guy who uses his “magic bike pump” to fix deflated bike tires. Inadvertently, though, with all the dialogue about “pumping,” the script was oddly sexual. In the second Magic Mike script Fallon and Tatum read, Mike is apparently “the king of aliens.” And in the last script, “Magic Mike” is a guy who likes to sings song about flying with his pal “Magic Bird.”

Fallon previously performed “Kid Theater” with Michael Keaton, with the two reading children’s versions of what they thought Birdman was about.

The real Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1. Until then, check out the video below of Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon reading kids’ adaptations of Magic Mike XXL, and tell us what you think.

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