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Celebrities React to Anderson Cooper Coming Out


Celebrities are taking to Twitter to praise Anderson Cooper after he officially came out as a gay man in a thoughtful letter to political blogger and friend Andrew Sullivan on Monday.

Here are some of the thoughts from stars about Cooper’s decision to come out:

Neil Patrick Harris: “Good for you, @AndersonCooper. You’re awesome.”

Kristen Bell: “A bold and beautiful statement by someone who is smarter than all of us, journalist @andersoncooper.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “One of the reasons I look up to my friend @andersoncooper is his amazing eloquence. Very proud of him!”

Ellen DeGeneres: “I’m proud of you, @AndersonCooper.”

Tyra Banks: “Congrats for sharing your truth @andersoncooper. You’ll always be the Silver Fox!”

Russell Simmons: “Happy for Anderson Cooper…”

Marlee Matlin: “Bravo @andersoncooper! xo M.”

Sarah Hyland: “Women across nation are grieving that Gloria Vanderbilt will never be there motherinlaw. So proud of @andersoncooper. You silver fox you :)”

Kelly Ripa: “So proud of you @andersoncooper. Always have been, always will be.”

Mindy Kaling: “I don’t care, I’m still gonna make a run at Anderson Cooper.”

Mia Farrow: “In a perfect world, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business – Anderson Cooper.”

Kathy Griffin posted a photo of her and Cooper, along with the tweet, ”Here I am w/ my friend @andersoncooper who I’m so proud of.”

NeNe Leakes: “That did it…Now I really love @andersoncooper.”

Lance Bass: “What a classy guy.”

Joan Rivers: “@AndersonCooper came out! So, THAT’S why he never wanted to date me! I would’ve loved having Gloria Vanderbilt as my mother-in-law.”

Michael McKean: “Anderson Cooper helps us move ‘what shouldn’t matter’ closer to ‘what doesn’t matter. #someday.’”

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