Mother’s Day Wishes From TONS of Stars


By Michael Lewittes


It’s Mother’s Day, and celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their wishes, give thanks, and generally talk about this day devoted to moms.

Check out what they had to say.

Nicole Richie wished, “Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, stage moms, teen moms, and mofo’s around the world.”

Ryan Seacrest said appreciatively, “Thank you moms everywhere. We couldn’t do it without you.”

“Thank you to my mother Vernita Lee for doing the best she knew and could do in raising me,” wrote Oprah, with an accompanying photo of her and her mom.

Justin Bieber tweeted, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY,” with a link naturally to his Mother’s Day dedication song, “Turn to You.”

Tom Hanks said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thanks for everything. Love. Tommy.”

“Happy Mother’s Day :),” added Alyson Hannigan.

Miley Cyrus wrote, “time to deliver breaky in bed with a side of jewelry to the hottest mama in town @tishcyrus.”

Emma Roberts wished, “Happy mothers day to my mama! So sad I’m not with her in NYC.”

Fergie also bellowed, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom.”

“a discussion i have with my sisters often, ‘how the hell did mom raise 3 kids’? motherhood = sainthood in my book! i love you mom,” said John Stamos.

Nina Dobrev offered, “Love you Mama, happy mothers day.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there. Hold those kids tight and know that you are cherished. ♡,” said Alyssa Milano.

New mom Jessica Simpson wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Ashlee! Y’all are my inspiration! So blessed to be in your company.”

Ellen DeGeneres joked, “Happy Mother’s Day. Mothers have the hardest job in the world – pretending they like your haircut.”

New mom Hilary Duff said, “Happy mothers day to all you beautiful, hard working mommies out there!!! It’s your day!! Enjoy it!!!”

Chris Brown tweeted, “Happy Mothers Day to a very special woman.. MOMMA I love you so much! ‘WE APPRECIATE YOU MOMS.'”

“Mothers. We love you. Thanks for making us. Today…is your day!” praised Adam Levine.

Neil Patrick Harris thanked, “Happy Mother’s Day, @GladSheila. You are an amazing mom, a wonderful grandma, and a beautiful human being. Love you so much!”

“Happy Mothers Day!” echoed Randy Jackson.

Rose McGowan felt, “Happy Mother’s day. Being a dog parent is hard enough, hats off to you all.”

“To all the moms…Happy Mother’s Day! Have a blessed day!” shouted out Zoe Saldana.

Peter Facinelli simply stated, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Justin Timberlake gave heartfelt thanks: “Happy Mother’s Day to the BIGGEST and BEST heroes of all… Hope all of you have a great day! I love you Mom! #HappyMothersDay.”

And his fiancee Jessica Biel also tweeted, “happy mothers day!”

Tori Spelling opined, “Happy Mother’s Day! 2day celebrate the women who give life, love,&do it all!”

“Happy Mothers day!!!! :)” squealed Khloe Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian gushed, “Blessed to have my mother and grandmother to inspire me to be the best mom I can be!”

“Happy Mother’s Day!” echoed Kim Kardashian.

Pink wrote, “Thank you @hartluck baby for giving me the reason I celebrate today. Blessed beyond belief.”

DJ Pauly chimed in, “Happy Mothers Day Momma !!!!! #bestmomintheworld”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said, Happy Mothers Day to all and to all, a good mother,” with an old picture of her and her mom.

Wilmer Valderrama expressed, “Dear mamá, 4 all ur wisdom, all ur patience, all ur care, all ur struggles & 4 all the tears we’ve shared.. Thank you, I love you!”

Momager Kris Jenner experienced the love and wrote, “Wow I woke up to the most amazing Mothers Day wishes from all my twitterdolls! Thank you soo much for all the love I really appreciate it!!!”

Mariah Carey tweeted, “Happy mother’s day to my mom and all the wonderful moms out there. Every day should be mother’s day: )”

And Mandy Moore felt, “Happy Mother’s Day and thank you to all the moms out there!!”

Paris Hilton exclaimed, “Happy Mother’s Day @KathyHilton! Love you so much! You are the best mom in the world! Love Paris ☺”

“Happy Mother’s Day. Opening home made gifts & enjoying my coffee with my babies & husband,” related Brooke Burk-Charvet.”

Samuel L. Jackson urged, “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Give yours & every one you can A BIG HUG today!”

“Happy Mothers to all you amazing moms!” chimed in Heidi Montag.

“Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas out there,” said Jennifer Lopez, who noted she was “Up late playing cards with my Mommy!!”

“happy mothers day to all the moms out there.,” wrote Pete Wentz, adding, “especially to my mom for putting up with me.”

Rihanna wrote in a succession of tweets, “#Mama….I’m proud of you,” “#Mama…..I’m here for you when EVA,” and “#Mama….u my ride or die bitch for life!!! And yes I know a bitch slap is on the way for my language! But u get it!!!!! I love you.”

Stacy Keibler: “So happy to have my mom visit for #MothersDay! Hope all of you moms out there have an amazing day!”

Elizabeth Banks said, “#HappyMothersDay moms & grandmoms & grammas & nanas & bubbes & abuelas & yayas & Gi-Gi’s & babushkas & Ann.”

“Happy Mothers Day to all you incredible women who do and sacrifice so much and expect only an ‘I love you’ in return,” tweeted Kyle Richards.

William Shatner simply expressed, “Happy Mothers Day!”

“Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms and to anyone who ‘mothers” anyone else!’ said Katie Couric.

Ian Somerhalder exclaimed, “Happy Mothers Day amazing mamas. Love to you all.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who’s not on twitter,” cracked Joel McHale.

Jenny McCarthy tweeted, “Hey awesome mommies. Happy freaking Mothers Day!”

Jwoww wished, “Happy mommy day everyone.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel had an interesting take with “don’t forget to thank that filthy boner-wielder (Dad) today too!”

Marlee Matlin wrote, “Wish your mom a Happy Mothers Day and if you know a mom you like, wish her a happy day too. Happy Mothers Day all!”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the Beautiful Mommas! What a job we have been equipped with, but seriously would you have it any other way?” added Sherri Shepherd, who also gave shout outs to “Military Mommas,” “Single Moms,” and “Mothers with Special Needs children” for being so “strong.”

Cobie Smulders wished all, “Happy Mothers Day!!!”

The Situation succinctly noted, “Happy Mothers Day to all moms n moms 2 b ( Snooki)!!”

Mindy Kaling: “Happy Mother’s Day. I miss you, Mom!”

Along with a photo of her breakfast, Denise Richards tweeted, “Happy Mothers day to all the mommies! My girls made me breakfast in bed!!”

“Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible mamas out there!” wrote Nikki Reed. “It’s the hardest job in the world and you are so appreciated!”

Ivanka Trump, along with a photo of mostly eaten eggs, tweeted, “Pleased to report that [her husband] Jared nailed #MothersDay breakfast in bed!”

“#HappyMothersDay Momma J. & all the bada** mums out there! Thanks for rearing & raising & putting up w/us all,” said Eliza Dushku.

Russell Simmons tweeted, “Happy Mother’s Day to [ex-wife] @OfficialKimora and all of the amazing moms out there!”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there!” expressed Katharine McPhee.

Bill Rancic said, “Happy mothers day @gailrancic, your the best mom anyone could ask for & 2 the best mom 2 be @GiulianaRancic I can’t wait to see u in action!”

Giuliana Rancic: “A special Happy Mother’s Day AND Happy Birthday to @MamaDePandi!!!! My mother. My heart. I love you.”

“Happy Mothers Day Ladies. I hope you are have a great day!” wished Mary J. Blige.

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