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Celebrities Send Their Christmas Wishes

By Michael Lewittes

(WhoSay/Kellan Lutz)

It’s Christmas, and the celebrities have taken to Twitter to send their holiday wishes.

Below are some of their Christmas tweets.

Rihanna: “Its Christmas Day, something to believe in! I believe the love that we feel for each other is His gift to us.”

Ellen Page: “Happy Birthday Jesus and Sissy Spacek!”

Snooki: “Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope you get all that you’ve wanted and enjoy your time with your loved ones!! I fricken LOVE XMAS!!!!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Merry Christmas to our men and women in uniform. Thank you for everything you do to allow us to enjoy this time.”

Paula Abdul: “Merry Christmas! I wish you all joy, love and laughter! …and a good song to dance to!”

Kim Kardashian: “Santa got me a iphone! I’m just gonna keep it as my 2nd phone bc I don’t know if I’m gonna like this touch screen stuff! I’m excited 2 try.”

Oprah: “Merry to all. May the day bring you The birth of Hope, and peace and all that Christ represents. May HIS Light be reborn in us all.”

Alyssa Milano: “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”

Kellan Lutz: “Merry Christmas everyone! Love all the family traditions. Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Cheers to 2012.”

Tyra Banks: “Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa! However u celebrate, hope u’re having a FIERCE holiday fam!”

Tom Bergeron: “Christmas morning. Just saw a few flakes outside. And it was snowing too.”

Emma Roberts: “It’s sad how jealous I got when Santa gave my sister the Twilight Barbie dolls.”

LL Cool J: “Some of you out there aren’t having the Christmas you would want. Be strong keep your head up & Don’t lose faith! You can do it!”

Pete Wentz: “Merry Christmas young maniacs.”

Kanye West: “Merry Christmas : ) It’s been a an amazing year. This time last year we’re prepping the artwork for H.A.M.”

Piers Morgan: “Merry Christmas to my brilliant @PiersMorganTonight team. Enjoy the rest while you can. We have some ‘butts’ to kick in 2012.”

Christina Applegate: “Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Xmas, then I wish you a glorious restful Sunday!”

Evan Rachel Wood: “Have yourself a merry little #Christmas.”

Ke$ha: “Merry Christmas Animals!!!love u guys.”

Samuel L. Jackson: “MERRY CHRISTMAS MUHFUGGAS! May you ALL be blessed!”

Howard Stern: “Merry Xmas and happy new year to all. Celebrating with season 3 of Dexter.”

Khloe Kardashian: “Merry Christmas!!! God bless!!!! Enjoy your families and the ones you love!”

Jimmy Fallon: “Merry Christmas!”

Ian Somerhalder: “Merry Christmas! Sending love to everyone, spread it around.”

Elizabeth Banks: “A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. To our service members who are away from family, you are in our hearts today – Come home safe.”

Kendall Jenner: “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

Jessica Lowndes: “Merry Christmas Guys!!! What did Santa bring you?”

Diddy: “Merry christmas!!! God bless you and your families! Luv you guys. Have a great day.”

Demi Lovato: “Merry Christmas.”

Kelly Osbourne: “today is a sad day in the Osbourne family house hold we lost R dog martin of 14 years. Devastated does not quite sum it up! #NotSoMerryXmas”

Carson Daly: “Sittin here drinkin a beer wondering if it’s too early for a brandy alexander. Maybe I should wait a few hrs. Merry Christmas!”

Lauren Conrad: “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!”

Jenny McCarthy: “Merry Christmas! Hope your relatives don’t get embarrassingly drunk.”

Kate Gosselin: “Peace on earth’ really refers2those hours after all the toys r unwrapped&the kids scatter to play w/ them… Ahhhh, listen.. I hear peace!”

The Rock: “Merry Christmas! Warm hug & kiss for the ladies. Strong hand shake & John Wayne hug for the men.”

David Arquette: “Finished stencil Jesus piece – Merry Christmas.”

Ashton Kutcher: “Happy Holidays.”

Paris Hilton: “Merry Christmas to all.”

Kate Walsh: “We ate, drank some Perrier-Jouet and were very merry! Also, sang a little, exchanged leedle gifties and had a delicious time!”

Hilary Duff: “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Hope this is a peaceful and loving day for everyone! So much to be grateful for!! Xoxoxo”

Julianne Moore: “Merry christmas everyone. Go Knicks ! Get well soon Schumpert! Xx jm”

Heidi Montag: “I think I need a Christmas nap before making my big Christmas dinner!!”

Tyra Banks: “My Xmas involves crazy hats by all with stuff up n ‘em. I’m trying 2 make it fierce but my concoction is kinda whack!”

Wilmer Valderrama: “At the Christmas #Lakers game, S/O to my bro @frankiedelgado, awesome present! GREAT seats for Xmas!!”

Kendra Wilkinson: “We just left San Diego. What a perfect Christmas. Loved being with my family. We even went to the bay. So nice.”

Bill Maher: “Happy birthday to JC – but don’t forget the other “gods” who have the same bday/bio: Horus,Mithra, Krishna, Osiris, Dionysus..makes u think!”

Brooke Burke: “Merry christmas!!! I’m sitting in my cabana, roaring fire, glass go Pinot, total peace…”

Britney Spears: “I had a wonderful Christmas I can’t wait for the New Year. Love u all! Xxoo”

Kourtney Kardashian: “Merry Christmas to all of you! What a blessed and beautiful Christmas! The only things missing were @KhloeKardashian and @RealLamarOdom.”

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