Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Premiere Shocker: Who Was First Star Fired?

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By Shari Weiss


“Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars” premiered on Sunday, with 14 former contestants — including one winner — returning for another chance to win it all.

Season 3 champ Bret Michaels and season 1 runner-up Trace Adkins picked teams, with Adkins becoming the project manager for Team Plan B. Michaels agreed to let season 2’s Brande Roderick be the project manager for Team Power, a decision he later regretted.

In the first challenge, the competitors had to set up meatball shops and use them to raise the most money. As an added task, representatives from each team had to take their meatballs to “Live With Kelly and Michael,” in hopes of winning over the studio audience with their respective recipes.

When it came time to open their stores, Adkins’ teammates regretted going along with his decision to close their shop to the public in favor of hoping that high-profile private donors would attend attend — until stars started showing up with some big checks. Roderick, by contrast, sold to anyone and everyone, but was left in tears when her biggest expected donor failed to show up, and was slammed as a project manager by teammate LaToya Jackson in the boardroom as a disorganized leader. A harsh light also shone on Michaels, who had to defend letting Roderick take the reins, and then falling very short in his personal promise to raise the most money.

Adkins teammates told Donald Trump they ultimately supported his decision to focus on celebs with big pockets, while teammate Stephen Baldwin admitted to holding back on fundraising in hopes of tapping those resources when he is project manager down the road.

When the final numbers were revealed, Roderick’s team received a boost by winning the “Kelly and Michael” challenge, with $20,000 added to their queue for a total of $250,533. The large sum, however, was peanuts compared to Adkins’ $419,539, giving his team the win, and leaving Roderick in the boardroom with teammates Michael and Jackson.

Not surprisingly, both advocated for Roderick to be eliminated, pointing out that she didn’t have any grasp on her team’s monies, and instead let Omarosa control (and possibly manipulate) the numbers, but then didn’t bring her back to the boardroom when they lost. But since Roderick still raised the most money out of everyone on her team, the boss couldn’t bear to let her go. In the end, Trump shockingly uttered his signature “You’re fired!” line to Michaels, criticizing him for coming back to the show as a winner — and then doing so poorly.

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