Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars,” the final five contestants entered the home stretch with a task to design a Foxwoods Resort-themed suite at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and host a party in it.

Marilu Henner took charge of Team Power and teammates Trace Adkins and Lil Jon, while Lisa Rinna was project manager for Team Plan B, which just had her and Penn Jillette left. Rinna and Jillette quickly decided on the casino resort’s “Joker” theme, with Teller and former “Apprentice” contestant Lisa Lampanelli to provide entertainment. That made Henner happy, as she wanted to go with the “King” theme, and focus on décor and food, with her teammates handling the entertainment.

Adkins questioned his leader’s vision of regal decorations — fancy mirrors, crowns, and thrones — and Jon wondered why they weren’t building their plans around their entertainment. The two clashed with Henner over her ideas and theirs, and how best to represent their theme, with the project manager getting a bit frustrated as they started goofing off a bit. Rinna, meanwhile, had smooth sailing with Jillette, as the magician continued to use his connections to snag Foxwoods celebrity chef David Burke, and an authentic Native American flute player.

Both teams faced hurdles, however, when a snow storm slammed the Northeast, putting into question whether their respective celebrity guests would make the event. And Henner became further upset when Jon was unable to get deejay equipment to provide the party’s “beat.” But as the guests — Foxwoods VIPs and ticketholders — arrived, Henner showed off what they did have: champagne and other “royal” foods, a master chess player, massage therapist, and appearances from singer Hunter Hayes and “Real Housewives” star Countess LuAnn De Lesseps.

Rinna was confident when all her expected celebs made the event, and the guests appeared wowed by Penn and Teller’s bit, though Lampanelli’s risqué comedy seemed off-putting for some. In the boardroom, both project managers expressed satisfaction with the way their suites and parties turned out, but Henner, Jon, and Adkins confessed to having some differences while trying to work together. Adkins said he regretted letting Team Plan B get the “Joker” theme, which seemed right up Jillette’s alley, and felt that they didn’t quite nail their “King” theme.

Jon and Henner also argued on whose fault it was that the rapper, known by some as the “King of Crunk,” didn’t have any spotlight, and the group also discussed how Adkins crabby has been lately. Rinna and Jillette praised each other, and were reluctant to say that the other should be fired if they lost.

In the end, the execs questioned some of Henner’s décor and the incorporation of a chess player, but loved the inclusion of Hayes. And the Foxwoods people were impressed by Rinna’s attention to detail and entertainers, who were all affiliated with Foxwoods, but thought some of the elements could’ve been more “fun.” Still, they did a “far better job” than Henner and company, winning the challenge and getting $100,000 for Rinna’s charity, St. Jude’s Children’s Research.

Henner, Jon, and Adkins resumed bickering over what went wrong, and who was most responsible for the loss. The leader strongly defended her energetic managing style, and each of her choices, even as the advisers accused her of not utilizing her teammates as best she could. The actress pointed out that Adkins should be fired because “he dropped out three tasks ago,” with his enthusiasm and productivity significantly decreased.

Donald Trump thought Henner did terrific, but felt he had to say “You’re fired!” because she made a few too many mistakes along the way. Next week, two more contestants will be fired before the two finalists begin their final challenge with help from some of the eliminated contestants. Tell Us: who are you rooting for?

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