Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired After Intense Screaming Match?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s one-hour edition of “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the remaining contestants were asked to create and sell 3-D art at a gallery event.

Before the task got under way, however, Trace Adkins was moved from Team Plan B to Power so that both groups now had five members each, and he was none too pleased about the change. Lil Jon stepped up to lead Power, while Lisa Rinna took the reins of Plan B despite her concerns about leading a fundraising challenge.

Rinna was further worried that Adkins would bring big donors to his new team. “How can we lose?” boasted Omaraosa after touting her new colleague’s financial connections. Both teams were unsure how much to focus on the art itself, since the total money raised in the end, by whatever means, would be the deciding factor.

Rinna was thrown for a pleasant loop when Blue Man Group, pals of Penn Jillette who also appeared last season, showed up with $15,000 hidden in jello molds. Omarosa, meanwhile, struggled to bring in big bucks even after Jon warned that those who raised the lowest on their team would be brought back into the boardroom if they lost.

In the boardroom, Rinna was very confident, and said Penn was the “star” of their team for bringing in $85,000 — as opposed to Stephen Baldwin who brought in just $5,000, but blamed his project manager for stealing a sale out from under him. There was also a similar disagreement over whether Marilu Renner should get the financial credit for selling Gary Busey’s creations. It was also revealed that Omarosa narrowly missed being the lowest fund-raiser on their team, beating Dennis Rodman by just $2,000.

It didn’t turn out to be enough, though, as Jon’s team only raked in $179,500 total, significantly less than Rinna’s $225,000. The win meant more than $400,000 would go to the actress’ charity pick, St. Jude’s Children’s Research.

Omarosa was quick to say that Jon should undoubtedly be fired as project manager, claiming he boasted how he’d win this task but was then too hands-off to a fault. And Rodman stressed that he was a team player, giving money earned from a valuable signed baseball bat from Derek Jeter that he procured to Jon’s personal total.

Adkins and Brande Roderick were eventually excused excused, leaving the remaining trio to continue to point fingers and pass the blame. But despite his earlier claim that the numbers should be the sole basis for the firing, Jon said he’d liked to go forward with Rodman by his side.

Omarosa vehemently defended herself, leading to a screaming match with Rodman as the two yelled over each other about their own strengths and the other’s flaws. But Donald Trump believed Rodman and Jon were more deserving to stay, despite his personal friendship with Omarosa.

“I adore you,” he told her. “We’ve had tremendous success together. You helped make the ‘Apprentice.’ You helped to make me a star.” He then added, “But Omarosa, you’re fired.” What do you think of tonight’s results?

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