Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired and Who Broke Down?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the returning contestants traveled to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Without knowing the challenge, Dee Snider volunteered to be the project manager for Team Plan B, while Omarosa said she’d lead Team Power.

The groups were tasked with creating an interactive, 3-D photo experience that would capture the theme park’s essence and tie into its new marketing campaign.

Omarosa quickly laid down the law, telling her team that she wanted to work like an “ad agency” and expected every member to step up. She proved it, putting an unprepared Dennis Rodman on the spot in front of the park’s execs, and sending other team mates out to take pictures throughout the grounds and gather Despicable Me and Harry Potter memorabilia. And while Omarosa learned that the park doesn’t normally use stars in promo materials, Snider decided he wanted his team’s product to be a “celebrity-driven” experience.

Penn Jillette said he could use his magic background to create a fancy illusion, but others questioned how feasible it would be, and worried that Snider was too indecisive to chart a clear plan. Omarosa, later complaining that she was left with few helpers after sending many of them out, realized how “ambitious” her design was when the construction team expressed concerns, but she urged everyone to “push” on and try, especially when it came to incorporating a last-minute Spider-Man component. She soon freaked out when time became an issue, and was reluctant to cut anything out of her plans, despite pressure from the fabricators.

And Snider later realized how much time he lost trying to decide on a concept, eventually nixing Jillette’s plan and only settling on the idea that the team would be prominently featured in the finished space via cardboard cut-outs, dressed in gear representing different aspects of the park. With the time-crunch, both teams struggled to agreeably jazz up their presentations, before wooing the execs with their finished designs: Omarosa’s movie-themed mini-rooms and Snider’s celebrity-themed cut-outs.

In the boardroom, it was revealed Omarosa and Team Power won the challenge, prompting her to burst into tears as she celebrated winning $40,000 for a charity supported by her late fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan. That left Snider, Jillette and the rest of Team Plan B to pass the blame for who was responsible for their loss, with the project leader insisting his final design wasn’t too simple.

After debate as to whether Jillette’s illusion idea should have been pursued, Snider kept Stephen Baldwin in the boardroom, believing him to be distrustful and sneaky, and Gary Busey, because of his “limited skill set” when it comes to the show’s tasks. Snider admitted he brought those two back while believing he himself should be fired for making the ultimate decisions that cost them the challenge. Donald Trump agreed, and uttered, “You’re fired!”

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