Celebrity Apprentice All Stars Recap: Who Was Fired?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars,” the competitors were tasked with producing a live 5-minute mini-soap opera that would celebrate Crystal Light Liquid. Stephen Baldwin was named project manager of the actor-heavy Team Plan B, while LaToya Jackson volunteered to lead Team Power. The groups were responsible for writing, directing and acting in their respective productions, and Jackson immediately clashed with Omarosa over specific responsibilities and being “respectful” to each other.

“All My Children” star Susan Lucci was assigned to appear in Plan B’s presentation, while Jack Wagner of “General Hospital” was teamed up with Power. Baldwin and company were more than excited to join ranks with Lucci, with everyone getting along well, while Jackson and Omarosa’s issues continued to drag their team down. And when Omarosa left to tend to an alleged personal issue relating to her late fiancé, she left her group rehearsing without a key actor for their skit. Her absence ended up being a blessing in disguise, however, as everyone worked well together once she left — and were none too pleased when she unexpectedly returned in time for the performance.

Their team took the stage first with “The Days of Crystal Light Liquid,” and involved the audience by having them try the beverage every time a “dun dun dunnnnn” sound played. The audience seemed to enjoy the comical skit, but as Omarosa watched from the side, she took great pleasure in watching Jackson — who had lines written on her hand — mess up one of the flavor’s names. Plan B’s “Crystal Guiding Days of Our Lights” brought the laughs as well, with Baldwin pleased that everyone “delivered.” The Crystal Light execs, however, were mixed on both teams’ productions, noting Plan B better integrated the product but failed to adequately use Lucci, while Power seemed to use the drink as a prop, rather than make it the star of the show, and struggled with execution.

In the boardroom, Baldwin’s Plan B was declared the winner, earning him $50,000 for his breast cancer charity. Jackson and her losing team were forced to speculate on who was to blame for their issues, and Omarosa broke down (or pretended to) for the second week in a row, defending her choice to tend to her personal matter rather than complete the task.

The original “Apprentice” contestant instead held Jackson responsible for the loss, prompting the singer to ask Donald Trump for the power, as project manager, to fire someone on her own team, but he declined. Jackson then shocked everyone by letting Omarosa escape, and choosing to bring Dennis Rodman and Brande Roderick back into the boardroom, with Trump calling it one of the “stranger selections” in the show’s history.

The team leader explained that Rodman and Roderick both didn’t back her up when it came to Omarosa’s divisive tactics, and were part of the skit’s brand issues, and also stressed that she believed Trump wouldn’t actually fire one of his favorite contestants and had bought into her sympathy bit. He strongly disagreed, and said “You’re fired!” to Jackson, faulting her for losing the task as project manager and failing to bring back Omarosa.

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