Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Boardoom Shocker Leaves Trump Stunned


By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the contestants were tasked with creating interactive experiences inside glass trucks to promote Farouk hair products. Marilu Henner and Team Plan B were in charge of marketing Bio-Silk, while model Claudia Jordan and Team Power were assigned Chi.

While Henner quickly decided on a concept, Jordan and her team couldn’t decide on much of anything and set out with no plan. Both teams found themselves more productive after sending out “weak link” Gary Busey and maninuplative Omarosa, respectively, on assignments. Rivalries between the two teams heated up after Henner was the first to snag Miss USA for their presentation, leaving Jordan blindsided and trying to re-work her team’s plans with substitute “talent.”

With all the various parts of their concept taken care of, Henner and company set up their “Experience Silk” truck as a makeover center well before Jordan and her group even had all of their pieces at the presentation site. They eventually set up their patriotism-inspired “Chi Wants YOU to be Beautiful” truck for mock fashion shoots, with a salon area outside in front. Both groups then had to entice the public to try their experiences, and impress the Farouk execs with their creative uses of brand messaging.

In the boardroom, Jordan and Team Power were all smiles, happy with each other and confident that they won the challenge — until the project manager had to name her strongest (Brande Roderick) and weakest players (Dennis Rodman and Omarosa). Henner credited everyone on her team with stepping up to the plate, but reluctantly said Busey was still the weakest player on their team. It was revealed the execs loved the entertainment value of Henner’s presentation, the use of products, and the incorporation of Miss USA, but disliked their slogan, which Trace Adkins had come up with.

The execs were also pleased with Jordan’s team’s American theme, especially Lil Jon dressed in an Uncle Sam get-up, but didn’t like that the style portion wasn’t done inside the truck. Ultimately, while the execs liked both group’s experiences overall, they “loved” Plan B more, leaving Henner in tears and with a minimum of $50,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. That left a “devastated” Jordan and her Power teammates to figure out where they went wrong, and who was to blame.

For the second week in a row, Donald Trump was shocked by the decision not to bring Omarosa back into the boardroom, with Jordan instead stunningly selecting Lil Jon — who was praised as the “star” of their presentation — along with Rodman. Jordan quickly told Jon to team up with her against Rodman, and the two attempted to make the case for why the former NBA star didn’t do enough for their team. Trump wasn’t sold, and said “You’re fired!” to Jordan, holding her responsible as project manager.

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