Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired and Who Pissed Off Mrs. Trump?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the celebs were challenged to create a display and ad campaign for Melania Trump’s new caviar skin care line. Penn Jillette and Dennis Rodman stepped up to lead Team Plan B and Power, respectively.

Rodman immediately embarrassed his team when he told Melania he wanted to visit her bathroom and see which products she really uses, and then furthered annoyed his colleagues by offering lackluster ideas and little to no direction.

In contrast, Jillette immediately prioritized the various parts of the task, and quickly decided on a slogan — “Nourish Your Skin With Caviar” — before the team split up to handle different aspects. The group later changed its motto to the more luscious “Let Your Skin Taste The Luxury,” and planned to go “caviar crazy” with their display.

Brande Roderick compared Rodman’s organization skills and focus to her 2-year-old son as she and the rest of her team took charge with props and the slogan — “Simply… Melania, Simply… Luxury” — while the NBA star repeatedly failed to contribute anything worthwhile.

Jillette’s team hit their first hiccup when Eric Trump came to visit, and the project manager became upset when everyone stopped working to talk to him, and rudely told the adviser in an “ugly tone” that it would be better if he left.

During their presentation, Jillette took what he called an “honest and direct” approach, but raised eyebrows when he called Melania a “spokeswoman” and said he was “maggotting” in left-over caviar. Rodman’s team gave a much more structured presentation, with Roderick at the helm, but the team group shockingly failed to notice that Melania was prominently misspelled on one of the display signs — a screw-up that greatly upset the beauty and left her stunned.

In the boardroom, Trace Adkins called Rodman out for being too hands-off as a leader, while Gary Busey said Jillette was “excellent.” Rodman’s team was stunned when Jillette and company pointed out the typo on their advertorial, but Rodman tried to downplay it as just being “a letter” that was wrong, and pointed out the other team’s faux pas in calling Melania a “spokeswoman.” But the misspelling was enough to do Rodman’s team in, and Team Plan B won for the fourth week in a row, earning Jillette $40,000 for his charity, Opportunity Village.

Afterward, Rodman continued to minimize the spelling mistake, and even Adkins blamed the designer for the typo — before also pointing out that Rodman approved every page before it went to print. Roderick also blamed Rodman for being a poor project manager, but acknowledged that Adkins was the one in charge of the advertorial.

Rodman opted to let Roderick and Lil Jon exit the boardroom, leaving him and Adkins to debate who was ultimately to blame for the mistake, and thus the loss. Adkins noted that the overall display was liked, to his credit, and said that the screw-up was “embarrassing” for the whole team, but reiterated that Rodman had the final approval.

In the end, Donald Trump uttered “You’re fired!” to Rodman. While noting that the athlete had been on the chopping block almost every single week, Trump commended Rodman for making a personal comeback after his disastrous first stint on the show, and deemed him, “most valuable player” of the season thus far.

What do you think of tonight’s results and Trump’s decision?

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