Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Recap: Who Was Fired After Boardroom Battle?

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By Shari Weiss


On Sunday’s “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars,” the six remaining contestants had to create videos to promote LG’s Smart Home and Home Entertainment Systems. Lil Jon stepped up to lead Team Power and members Marilu Henner and Trace Adkins, while Gary Busey took charge (or attempted to) of Team Plan B’s Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette.

The groups began by checking out the different appliances and gadgets offered by LG, and deciding who should star in the video, which would be filmed in sets with with mock kitchens and living rooms. Jillette was turned off when Busey walked away during the tutorials by LG employees, and became further frustrated when the project manager nixed every suggested idea. Rinna was similarly upset, finding Busey to be both unhelpful and “disrespectful,” but the actor soon complained that he felt disrespected.

Once a plan was finally in place, the actors arrived and filming began with Busey also in a starring role, though Rinna and Jillette had little to no confidence in the concept. The pair vented their concerns to adviser Ivanka Trump, who was shocked to find “a state of total chaos.” Jon, meanwhile, quickly started collaborating with his team on both a concept and a script, with Henner acting in the clip. The rapper expected Busey would “fall apart,” but carefully planned his 90-second video, knowing they couldn’t bank on that. But Jon’s perfectionism soon became very time consuming, prompting him to send Adkins to begin editing the footage already shot. It all came together in the end, leaving the trio very confident in their finished product.

Team Power’s finished video featured Henner showing off the technology to her “college son” and his pal, while Team Plan B’s video showcased a bizarre Busey as a “mechanical dog” who is calmed when his “family” gives him the technology. The LG exec didn’t show any visible reaction to either presentation, but was ultimately impressed enough to give each celeb’s charity a “suite” of products, valuing over $100,00 total.

In the boardroom, Jon said he thought his team went “above and beyond” in the challenge, and his teammates agreed, with Adkins calling Jon a “great” leader and Henner the “star” of their project. Busey acknowledged he did the “best” he could, and called out Rinna and Jillette for “abandoning” him, and said he’d fire Rinna for being confrontational. Jillette tried to defend their position, explaining how difficult it was to work with Busey and how that impacted their strange product, and even Donald Trump was confused when he watched the video.

Still, Busey was confident “in his heart” that he won the task — but the LG exec disagreed, awarding the win to Jon, and the $40,000 to his charity, the American Diabetes Association. Ivanka revealed that the mechanical dog and failure to showcase all the LG products really hurt Team Plan B, and Busey took responsibility for the dog — but called out his team mates for being rude and unsupportive.

Jillette and Rinna traded accusations with an angry Busey about who was at fault for the loss, with allegations of lies on both sides, and Trump questioned how the former two could be held accountable when the actor was the project manager and responsible for all the decisions. And while Trump said he was much more impressed by Busey this time on the show than last, he ultimately had to say “You’re fired!”

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