Celebrities Tweet About Love On Valentine’s Day


By Michael Lewittes

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Love is in the Twittersphere on Thursday, with celebrities everywhere taking to the social networking site to share their Valentine’s Day wishes.

Check out what stars are saying about the holiday here:


Mariah Carey: Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!!!! Our valentine’s day began last night…TBC: )

Gisele Bundchen: Happy Valentine’s day to all! Let’s spread love.

Emma Watson: It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there -Love Actually, R.Curtis

Blake Shelton: Happy Valentines Day b*tches!!!!!!

Sarah Hyland: Happy Valentine’s day!!! Whether you have a partner or are just bein awesome on your own, have an amazing day and take time to appreciate ☺

50 Cent: Happy Valentine’s day to every women who read’s this. If you don’t have anyone special at the moment. I’m your Valentine

Ashley Tisdale: Woke up to this and a bed full of rose petals #happyvaletinesday #goodmorning #solucky

Brooke Burke: Happy valentines day Tweeties. I’m snuggled on my couch with my son, totally in love :)

The Situation: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope it’s a good one…

Jennie Garth: Enjoying Valentine’s Day treats, but still making good on our New Year resolution: brushing and flossing after we eat!

Jim Carrey: To those who r in love, Happy Valentines Day! To those who don’t have that special someone, Happy Wish I Was Dead Day! ;^P

Ian Somerhalder: Happy Valentines Day you ladies.Though its a conspiracy of chocolatiers,florists&Jewelers,It is a great excuse to give some ladies some love

Kevin Spacey: Happy Valentine’s day to all my fans. I appreciate your support over the years.

Shenae Grimes: love my baby, knows me well x #alwaysforever “@iamjoshbeech:@shenaegrimes happy valentines day baby x x love ya x x

Lena Dunham: It comforted her to think that all the valentines she was forced to make in kindergarten were meant for him, she just hadn’t known it yet

Maria Menounos: There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved. Happy valentines day everyone!:)

Sofia Vergara: Happy V day followers!!!

Jimmy Kimmel: I am in Playboy. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies

Hank Baskett: I just want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman that didn’t ask me to change my life but instead opened my eyes to what my life was truly meant for. I Love You & Thank You @KendraWilkinson!

Lindsay Lohan: Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Victoria Justice: Happy V Day friends! Sending u all my love :). Xo #Heres2Us

JWoww: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Mike Tyson: Happy 17th bday to my beautiful daughter Rayna, the best Valentine gift. I love you and so proud of you.

Katie Couric: So what r u doing for Valentine’s Day? Gotta be honest, I find it a bit cheesy! What are u all doing? #swak

Louis Tomlinson: Lovely valentines meal tonight @RossoRestaurant . Thanks for having us :) Great food !!

Jack Osbourne: Happy valentines days @MrsLisaOsbourne :-)

Diddy: Happy Valentines Day!!

Josh Duhamel: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kylie Jenner: I just called my dad and told him to buy me flowers.. What is wrong with me! He said no..

Rihanna: Happy Valentines Day. Today the day fa lovin not hatin so to cats like you and I it’s just another day…

Bobbi Kristina: HappyValentinesDay! •• Out2Dinner with mine•• @nickdgordon ••You really know how2make me smile&alwysHappy :)(: •• Iloveyousweetie!• xO

Christina Applegate: For valentines day we took our baby girl to Disneyland. It was a great day!

Tyra Banks: .@miguelunlimited you got me playing Adorn nonstop on this lovely Valentine’s Day. Who else is obsessed with that song?

Emmy Rossum: Happy valentine’s twitter-verse! Hope you’re celebrating with your loved ones! I am going to eat my body weight in chocolate and cheese! xo

John Stamos: to all the hopeless romantics out there (me included) “i hope you meet someone tonight that you cant wait to see again” HAPPY V. DAY

Evan Rachel Wood: Happy valentines day. Have a bella notte.

Snoop Dogg: Happy Valentines LUV 1s!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: F**k u LA traffic for ruining Valentines day. Missing Bonnie Raitt LIVE thanks to c**ksucking gridlock. No joke. #CandyHeartRejects

Channing Tatum: Sending love out to all of you in the Twitterspere! Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kelly Clarkson: Happy V Day everybody! My valentine woke me up w/flowers & a sweet card. Little does he know waking up w/him is the gift. #cheesybuttrue

Julie Bowen: I don’t want flowers or pink champagne. I just want my kids to put themselves to bed so I can watch lakers/clippers and Miami/okc

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