VIDEO: Comedian Does Amazing Impressions Of ‘Celebrities Stuck In Traffic’

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Celebrities Stuck In Traffic

By Daniel Gates


Celebrities Stuck In Traffic


Lauren O’Brien has a talent for impressions and found the perfect vehicle for showing them off. In a new video, the comedian runs through more than a dozen female Hollywood stars, impersonating them being stuck in traffic. It’s hilarious.

Drew Barrymore starts to cry. Ellen DeGeneres happily dances. Sofia Vergara gets a case of road rage. The Olsen twins (both of them) contemplate Halloween costumes. And O’Brien is just warming up.

She nails Miley Cyrus’ tongue-wagging, Katie Holmes’ shyness, Kim Kardashian’s patented whine and Mindy Kaling’s perky cattiness. When it comes to Kristen Stewart, O’Brien can’t even muster words, letting some deep sighs do the talking. A naked Lena Dunham regrets not taking the subway. Anne Hathaway sings as though she’s still auditioning for Les Miserables. And Taylor Swift? She looks surprised, as always.

O’Brien even does an impression of a fictional, animated character, although we won’t spoil the surprise. A few weeks ago, Gossip Cop pointed out a great video of Christina Bianco performing the song “Forget You” in the singing voices of 25 different celebrities. We are truly living in the golden age of Internet-fueled celebrity impressions. Check out O’Brien’s video below, and tell us what you think!

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