Stars React to Presidential Election Results


By Shari Weiss


The votes are in, and now celebrities are reacting to Barack Obama being re-elected the President of the United States.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Hollywood was out in full force on Tuesday, with many celebs encouraging their Twitter followers to get to the polls and share photos of themselves doing their civic duty.

Not surprisingly, some stars are now celebrating the results on Twitter, while others, well, seem not too pleased.

See what celebs are saying here:

Neil Patrick Harris: Yahoooo! FOUR MORE YEARS!

Lady Gaga: I JUST GOT OFF STAGE IN COLUMBIA!! CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT @BarackObama We are so proud to be American tonight! YES!!! YES! YES!!

Demi Lovato: Tonight is a good night for women. Proud to be a WOMAN IN AMERICA!!!

Samuel L. Jackson: Congratulations are in order for all who went out & worked & kept the faith & WOULD NOT BE DENIED!

Kal Penn: Young people, you fought hard & pushed for #progress and this is historic & awesome! Congratulations, Mr. President!

Rashida Jones: A VERY BIG EXHALE.

Rob Lowe: Now we come together. It is time for our leaders to lead. We will do our part, if they will do theirs.

Mindy Kaling: Ahhh the part of the election coverage when middle aged women bop to Aretha Franklin

Ashlee Simpson: 4 more years!!

Ricky Gervais: Well Done America. We knew you’d get it right.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: We are either hearing fireworks or massive bubble wrap being popped outside! So exciting!!!! #Obama

Sherri Shepherd: YES! YES! YES! Yes we can & YES WE DID!!!!!

Zoe Saldana: Barack Obama!!! The 44th President of The United States of America. God bless America, once again!- ZS

Donald Trump: This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!


Nicole Richie: We did it America!!!!!


Jaleel White: game over. 274 and counting. Finish your journey, Mr. President

Sarah Silverman: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Bill Maher: Well that was a million dollars well spent.

Russell Simmons: A NEW AMERICA WINS OVER BIG MONEY! I am so proud to call Barack Obama our President of the United States!


Mandy Moore: So F’ing proud of my country and our President

Sophia Bush: Crying. Happy tears. Breathing deep. #4MoreYears

Kelly Osbourne: Thank God #Obama2012 has victoriously won I feel Safer now there hopefully wont be a world war III & gays can finally get married! #victory

Adam Levine: That’s what happens when you f*ck with Sesame Street.

Katy Perry: DONE AND DUSTED!!!

Nikki Reed: America!!! We did it!!!

Marlee Matlin: Mr President, Barack Obama, I salute you

Maria Menounos: Fox News calling Ohio for pres Obama…silence here at Romney hq and celebrations in chicago.

Solange Knowles: Yes. We. Can. Yes. We. Did. Obama 2012.

Piers Morgan: Congratulations @BarackObama – you’ve got another chance to do it properly this time. Good luck.

Jennifer Hudson: It’s a new day!!!!!!! Come on!!!

Mischa Barton: Being away from home during this election has been hell. I am so proud of the country I grew up in today!

Valerie Bertinelli: #4moreyears #celebrate #ThankyouJesus

Tatyana Ali: Thank God. Thank Reason. Thank everything!

Jessica Alba: Woohoo! Congrats President @BarackObama & 2 all the Americans who made their voices known & heard! I love our great country & our Democracy!

Mike Tyson: Congrats to President Obama for a 2nd term.

Keri Hilson: America, you have spoken…YES!!!!!!!! OBAMA!!!!!!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!!! THIS IS THE NEW AMERICA!!!!!! PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!

Ben Stiller: Phew.

Dianna Agron: Congratulations, Mr. President, our president.

Elizabeth Reaser: Good to be a woman tonight. Thank you America! #Obama2012 All that travel, hard work and campaigning was worth it…and now its time to work even harder…

Jonathan Cheban: Congrats Mr. President!!

Olivia Wilde: AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard! Young people! You proved them wrong! Tireless Obama volunteers! I THANK YOU!

James Van Der Beek: To all the winners (and losers) tonight: Politicians run campaigns. Leaders strike compromises. Time for everyone to shift gears now #please

Chris Colfer: All ages, genders, ethnicities, and orientations dancing badly TOGETHER on TV! THATS America! Wouldn’t see that 50 years ago. #USAProgress

Ian Somerhalder: I’m so proud of us as a people.Even people in other countries contributed to this event. A global group hug…Wow. Wow. Wow.

Peter Facinelli: Congrats @BarackObama Hoping Rep and Dems can put their differences aside and work together to get this Country back on track. #America

Christina Applegate: I’m so happy right now I could cry…., because my food finally got here and it’s delicious!! #voteyummyfood2012

LeBron James: Ohio and Fla. My favorite states!

Aisha Tyler: Tonight America smells like cookies and freedom, my friends. Cookies and freedom. #forward

Lea Michele: Amazing election party tonight at @MrRPMurphy’s house! And so glad we got to celebrate the re-election of OBAMA!!!

Michael Moore: We, the people, have spoken.

Pete Wentz: 4 more years. thank you for the inspiration…. were in this together.

Miranda Lambert: Im always proud everytime I see red, white, and blue no matter what! #proudtobeanamerican (and a texan) :)

Jamie Kennedy: Um observation. Obama HQ Is playin “you wanna be startin somepin”

Gabrielle Union: to all the #Volunteers Poll workers, voters, STANDING OVATION! Hats off!

Jamie King: God Bless America!

Billy Ray Cyrus: Congratulations Mr President ! Congratulations America …the process worked …and freedom rings

Octavia Spencer: I have a question… is it freezing cold in DC in January? What type of coat should i bring for the inauguration? #Trench or #Wool

Jared Leto: I’m calling it! President @BarackObama IS ONCE AGAIN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: My family is so happy!

Alec Baldwin: Now that this enervating election is over, lets help rebuild New Jersey, Staten Island, the Rockaways, et al…

Paris Jackson: whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight , o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming #proudofmycountry

Elizabeth Banks: Classy concession speech by Mitt Romney. Gave the speech alone, took high road, no excuses, and the country can move on.

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson: Lead us my friend.

Kerry Washinton: Wow! Wow! Wow! #Obama2012 YOU DID IT AMERICA! YOU DID IT!

Eliza Dushku: #POTUS #Obama gonna sing me off to sleep. We can come together & be prosperous & harmonious, US. #faith #goodnight

Chris Rock: No jokes I’m just happy my girls get to grow up in a better world than I did

Kristen Bell: Obama won the election and I am getting fatter by the day. America has never been luckier.

Jim Carrey: Congrats Mr. Obama! Sincerely hope dems and reps can be better dance partners this time out! ;^)

Olivia Munn: “We are and forever will be, the United States of America!” #USA-USA-USA!!!

Matthew Perry: Now that’s what I call a speech. #GoBama

Hugh Hefner: We listened to Obama’s acceptance speech and now it’s time to say goodnight. There are better times ahead for all of us.

Eva Longoria: Amazing speech by @BarackObama re-elected for his 2nd term! America is and can be united for the greater good of all Americans!

Mariah Carey:INCREDIBLE SPEECH!!!!!! Watching in a room full of diverse people-all truly moved. Thank you America for President Obama-4more yrs.

Dane Cook: At the end of Obama’s speech he should’ve ripped open his shirt wearing the Superman “S” & flown up over the crowd.

Nina Dobrev: Goodnight and get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow begins the next 4 years…

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