Celebs React to Super Bowl Blackout


By Shari Weiss


The blackout at Sunday’s Super Bowl shocked celebrities at the game, as well as stars watching from home. The question on everyone’s minds: Was Beyoncé to blame?! See what the stars are saying here!

Jay-Z: Lights out!!! Any questions??

Jimmy Fallon: Beyonce literally killed it at the Super Bowl.

Justin Timberlake: #Blackout #Momentumshift

Oprah: PowerSurge #BEYONCEatSuperBowl

Alec Baldwin: It wouldn’t be N’awlins if the power didn’t go out…..

Kelly Clarkson: The force and power that is Beyonce just shut the Super Bowl down ha! Too funny!

Carson Daly: NFL Need F’ing Lights

Elizabeth Banks: The power of @beyonce. She blew it out. Literally.

Andy Cohen: Beyonce blew the lights out! Did they think that WOULDN’T happen??

Michael Strahan: Someone needs to tell neworleans you can have hamsters running wheels to generate the neccessary power. They eventually get tired.

Matthew Perry: I hope someone wrote down the score…

Ryan Seacrest: Anyone have a charger?

Larry King: This will forever be known as the #DelayBowl #lightsout #SuperBowl

Katharine McPhee: #Blackout at the Super Bowl and your team is losing. Not good at all.

Kirstie Alley: Get those Zippos out.. light up that field baked hippies

Josh Gad: This is officially the weirdest Super Bowl ever

James Van Der Beek: Cutting power to half the Superdome so you can catch the end of the game after your 7pm show isn’t technically illegal, is it?

Rob Lowe: Are the Niners in charge of the lights?

Aziz Ansari: WHOA WHOA WHOA. Is this power outage a Fast 6 tie in?? IS THE ROCK ABOUT TO FLY A HELICOPTER THROUGH A TANK?!!

Bruno Mars: oh da suspense

Sherri Shepherd: Beyonce was so daggone hot, she blew out the power! #superbowlblackout

Jeremy Piven: #Beyoncegate sucked all the power out yet we are back up here in NOLA!

Brittany Snow: They were obviously not ready for this jelly.

Derek Hough: Uh , blackout ??? God isn’t happy about 49ers losing right now .

Evan Rachel Wood: This is the second time i have seen the power go out at a sports event this week. @1jamiebell and i think aliens.

Tom Bergeron: 49ers just unleashed their “Blow a Fuse” strategy!

Carey Hart: SuperDome forgot to pay the power bill.

Rosie O’Donnell: Ok – anyone else panic when the lights went out ???

David Spade: Overheard 9 ‘ers coach say can we start over. #nfl

Jamie Kennedy: Looks like I’m not the only one who has technical difficulties #livebaby!!

Chloe Grace Moretz: This seems a little fishy.. Icing the players?..

Chis Colfer: Let the records show, Super Bowl XLVII wasn’t ready for that jelly! #GoBeyonce

Joel McHale: When the people inside the SuperDome realize that only half the stadium has warm nacho cheese, it will descend into utter chaos. #SuperBowl

Crystal Hefner: I’d rather be watching commercials than football players stretching #nflblackout

Bill Maher: I’ll tell you one thing: if Mitt Romney was president, that wouldn’t have happened!!!

Damon Lindelof: David Chase wrote the third quarter.

Mark Cuban: Somewhere there’s a cbs salesperson on the phone pitching the extra 10 mins of inventory they just created :).

Bob Saget: You know what’d be great right now, if the sprinklers went off.

Neil Patrick Harris: Thanks goodness the lights are back on and the game has resumed. It’s a real nail biter.

Steve Martin: Teams returning to field after facials and pedicures.

Mindy Kaling: I found the blackout charming. Think of all the meet cutes that must’ve happened!

David Arquette: Worst thing about the lights going out was twitter went down too!!!

Ariana Huffington: Turning the power off — classic little brother move.

Ross Matthews: Beyonce was so electric, she used all the power in the stadium.

Adrienne Bailon: Beyonce brings a whole knew definition to… SHUTTING. IT. DOWN. #LightsOut! Lol

Gary Shandling: I nominate the stadium lights for MVP.

Dax Shepard: I sure hope none of the cheerleaders were mid-aerial when that blackout occurred.

Samuel L. Jackson: Lookin’ like the Lights Out trick is working!

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