Stars React to The World Not Ending


By Shari Weiss



If you’re reading this, you survived The End of the World — and so did everyone else.

The apocalypse did not come on December 21, 2012, as the Mayans had predicted, prompting a range of reactions from celebrities on Twitter.

From the humorous to the disappointed, these stars have a lot to say about the missed apocalypse.

Check out their reactions here:

Kim Kardashian: So is 12-21 Mayan April Fools Day? So happy the world didn’t end today.

Demi Lovato: I think the Mayans knew that The X Factor USA was gonna end last night. I feel them though.. feels like the end of the world to me too..

Alec Baldwin: It’s after the End of the World deadline. If I’m dead, then I’m in Heaven. Bc I’m laying around watching THE GRADUATE w @hilariabaldwin

Lauren Conrad: I was kind of counting on that end of the world thing… Guess I have to do my Christmas shopping now.

Seth MacFarlane: “The world will end December 21st, 2012!” …said the guys who practiced human sacrifice, thought the sun was magic, and worshipped corn.

Zach Braff: What does one even wear to a Mayan Apocalypse? I hate being underdressed.

Bethenny Frankel: I think the world is still here. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that martini preparing for its demise.

Big Sean: Glad the world didn’t end today… I woulda been mad as f*ck

Crystal Harris: People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow

Dax Shepard: I wish this day marked the end of idiots saying the world is ending. You have to be awfully arrogant to think it will end on your watch

Randy Jackson: Everyone still here?

Jeffrey Ross: Retweet if you’re still here. #f*ckthemayans

Carey Hart: Hope you didn’t max out your credit card and tell your boss to F off!!! #WORLDisSTILLhere

B.J. Novak: Phew! Your turn, Incas.

Shane West: Apocalypse . . . Jesus people. Embarrassing that was the main topic on my feed. Gullible lemmings now enjoy the holidays!

Rob Delaney: It’s the Apocalypse & I have nothing to wear! (JK I have 6 Slayer t-shirts to choose from)

Kylie Jenner: Who else survived? Lol

Olivia Munn: Those Mayans are such pranksters… Also, it’s not the end of the world, but can it please be the end of people freaking out about it being the end of the world? Kthxbye!

Tom Bergeron: My daughter snapped this pic of a NH rainbow today. Take THAT Mayan Apocalypse!!

Kendall Jenner: some people that actually thought the world was going to end are probably real embarrassed by their #EndOfTheWorldConfession now

Drew Carey: OMG! What if the Mayan Apocalypse really DID happen and now we’re all like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense??!!!

Howie Mandel: I just checked my Mayan calendar . Apparently today is…..ah never mind.

Paris Jackson: worst . apocalypse . ever .

Pete Wentz: #endoftheworldconfession i DO care :) (what you think even if its not about me)

Neil Patrick Harris: Ug. My previous link directs you to a message that their server isn’t working..! Maybe this IS the end of civilization! Please hold…

Gossip Cop will update as more stars tweet about the dodged apocalypse.

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