Stars React to Vice Presidential Debate


By Shari Weiss


The first and only Vice Presidential Debate of the 2012 election took place in Kentucky on Thursday

Vice President Joe Biden squared off against Republican challenger Paul Ryan, discussing both domestic and foreign issues.

Like during the first Presidential debate last week, celebrities took to Twitter to comment on the exchange, sometimes poignantly and other times hilariously.

Check out some of the stars’ reactions below!

Piers Morgan: Wow. Biden is radiating a lethal smirk… Trouble is, I don’t think this is a good subject to be lethally smirking about. Keep it serious, Joe…. #PMTdebate

Kat Dennings: Biden you a G #eldertalk

Bethenny Frankel: I can’t watch this debate without thinking about these two candidates being mocked on SNL this Saturday.

Bill Maher: Debates are better when they’re sitting, they talk more like people talk when they’re just sitting around. Beers would make it even better.

Patton Oswalt: Ryan is a nervous Walmart manager. Biden is an irate customer with the receipt, the warranty & he’s friends w/ the store owner. #debate

Rob Lowe: Was that a “You’re no Jack Kennedy” moment from Ryan?

Dane Cook: This debate gives me the same uneasy feeling I had during the entire gangsta rap era.

Joy Behar: I love that they’re sitting at a “view table.”

Donald Trump: Biden’s statements on Medicare are very effective. Ryan must now come back and combat. #VPDebate

Lo Bosworth: Joe, stop laughing. Your teefs are distracting me from the issues at hand!!!

Andy Cohen: This poor kid debating Biden!!! His flag pin is shiny though!

Kirstie Alley: liking this debate!!!….. ruff!!!!!

Eva Longoria: Martha Raddatz is best moderator ever!!!

Eric Stonestreet: Joe’s laughing and smirking is probably going over as well with republicans as Paul’s hairline is with democrats. #debates

Sarah Hyland: Paul Ryan’s pin is bigger than Biden. #debates #fact

Nikki Reed: I’ll be your date “@reasereaser: Need to party with Biden.”

Jeffrey Ross: Who else is ending a long day by watching two guys argue about the fate of the world? #debate

Hugh Hefner: My girls & I are watching the vice presidential debates. Then we’re going to watch a comedy, “Gremlins.”

Josh Groban: Everyone has an opinion. That’s awesome. #vote

Alyssa Milano: @MarthaRaddatz You’re wonderful.

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