Stars React to First Presidential Debate


By Shari Weiss


The first 2012 Presidential debate took place on Wednesday night, with President Obama facing off against challenger Mitt Romney.

The exchange, moderated by Jim Lehrer, elicited a range of responses from celebrities on Twitter — some serious, some humorous and all of them entirely debatable.

And while the candidates disagreed on several issues, it seems the viewers at home all agreed that Lehrer wasn’t up to the job of moderating.

Check out what Hollywood stars are saying:

Piers Morgan: Maybe time to come on my show, Mr President? Romney’s done it three times, clearly sharpened his debating skills.

Alec Baldwin: CBS analysis says Romney stomped Obama with undecided voters

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: What r u doing, Jim Lehrer? What r u doing?!

David Spade: Crap i just turned on debates. Which guy is prez and which guy is Romney. Everything will make more sense. #debates

Eva Longoria: I’m in New Zealand watching the presidential debate! Obama is killing it on health care! #Obama2012

Rob Lowe: Watched a lot of debates, that was a real blood-letting. #POTUSwiffs#Mittenssticks

Ivanka Trump: #Romney really rose to the occasion tonight! #BigNight #Debate2012 #debate #CantAfford4More

Conan O’Brien: Just noticed that Jim Lehrer has no whites in his eyes. #Discuss

Andy Cohen: I sympathize with Jim Lehrer – sometimes its hard getting control over passionate people! #RH

Abby Elliott: When are they going to talk about how they both want to see Pitch Perfect?

Bill Maher: i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter

Joy Behar: Obama blew it. I hate to say it but Romney was lying and Obama didn’t hit him on it.

Zach Braff: Romney’s doing an awesome job moderating while Jim takes a light nap.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Both are good men. #Debate2012 but we need a great president. #It’s not about liking Obama – It’s about needing Romney

Chris Rock: Obama is waiting for the right moment to pull out Bin Laden’s skull from behind the podium. Wait for it. Wait for it…

Albert Brooks: Next debate will be moderated by Miss Piggy before she loses her job.

Patton Oswalt: “A room temperature bowl of oatmeal” — Obama’s closing statement #debate

Kirstie Alley: not usually this politically general… but debate was lack luster at best… Bill Clinton.. show em how it’s done!!!

Samuel L. Jackson: What Really happened tonite?! NOBODY changed who they’re voting for!! NOBODY!!!

Bob Saget: I’m really enjoying these debates. I can’t wait til they have the swimsuit competition.

Sherri Shepherd: Mitt’s got this #debate tonight… did he change my mind at all…. not a bit. Its not over…#go out and vote…vote for our future…education, balance, invest

Mark Ronson: i guess both candidates did sufficiently average enough for their respective supporters to think they trounced the other

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