How Are Celebrities Spending The (Possible) End of the World?


By Daniel Gates


As has been widely publicized, certain people identify today – May 21, 2011 – as the date of The Rapture, meaning the end of the world.

While most people might choose to spend their few remaining hours with family or contemplating the universe, Gossip Cop opted to check in with celebrities. So how is Hollywood handling the End Times? It turns out not every celeb is on the same page.

“I’m confused why does everyone think the world is gonna end today?” asks Kim Kardashian on Twitter. “Only God can determine that! But what started all of this talk?” “Amen Kimmie!” tweets her sister Khloe.

Demi Lovato, meanwhile, is going out on top, tweeting, “If the world does end today, I’ve never been this healthy and this happy in my entire life… #notpanicked, #feelingblessed!!” “What do u guys think?” asks Shannon Elizabeth. “Does it feel like the world’s ending today?”

Dwayne Johnson‘s pretty confident it’s not. “Just talked w the good Lord,” tweets the wrestler-actor. “The world is not ending today. He said ‘stay humble and keep puttin boots to asses.’ Amen.” If that’s the case, Christina Applegate wonders about the consequences for Rapture prognosticators: “So you think the dude who said today was the end got unfriended a ton on facebook?”

“So… Jesus has to work just one day in 2,000 years and he doesn’t show up,” reflects animation king Seth MacFarlane. “This is why the Chinese are beating us.” Milla Jovovich ponders the logistics. “Ok, so we’ve been tlking abt #theendofdays n I was wondering, what time zone does it strt in?” tweets the actress. “Pacific standard or eastern time? Mid atlantic?”

“The rapture isn’t supposed to happen until 6pm PST,” writes a helpful Drew Carey. “So I’ll still be able to get my morning run in.” Pete Wentz‘s preparation is a bit different. He tweets that he’s “pregaming” for the big event.

And how worried is Paris Hilton, currently in Dubai? Not very. “Just went jet skiing, so much fun! The water here is so warm, almost like a bath,” tweets the socialite. Later, she adds, “Such a long day in the sun, so tired. Going to bed, have a big day tomorrow. Sweet dreams.”

Even if you’re not jet skiing today, here’s hoping everyone out there enjoys a sunny Saturday!

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