Stars Voice Thoughts on Supreme Court as Gay Marriage Hearings Begin

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By Michael Lewittes



Celebrities are voicing their thoughts as the United States Supreme Court hears arguments on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, the Court heard arguments from both sides, with two California couples saying the ban violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause, while defenders of the ban argue that states should be able to decide for themselves whether they will permit gay marriage.

The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

See what stars are saying about the historical case here:

Barack Obama: RT if you agree. #MarriageEquality

Ellen DeGeneres: Today I’m thinking of the Supreme Court. I hope they remember what makes our country great, and support equality for all.

Beyoncé: If you like it, you should be able to put a ring on it. We will unite 4 marriage equality!

Kristen Bell: today, the Supreme court is hearing 1 of the most important cases in history. dont sleep on it #equalitymatters

Sophia Bush: People who hide hate & excuses 4 inequality behind God r missing the point of faith entirely. @EqualityMatters

Paula Abdul: #MarriageEquality #ItsNotComplicated

Ricky Martin: Supreme Court #SCOTUS #Prop8 #UnitedForMarriage #Time4Marriage #loveconquershate #OneDadAndOneMomisOK #TwoDadsIsOK @TwoMomsIsOK”

Rose McGowan: I’m on pins and needles! #supremecourt #dotherightthing

Katie Couric: A historic day as @scotus hears case on Prop 8! We look at what it means for gay families in America on @KatieShow

Andy Cohen: All eyes on #SCOTUS – today is about equality! Overturn this hateful #prop8 !

Alyssa Milano: Changed my profile picture and header in support of marriage equality. Feel free to do the same!

Russell Simmons: I hope that the Supreme Court stands on the right-side of history today by acknowledging marriage equality for all.

Marlee Matlin: #MarriageEquality is on everyone’s minds. I’m hope #Prop8 is defeated. Freedom to marry is essential and EVERYONE has a right to happiness.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: History in the making: @AFER ‘s Olson and Boies arrive at @SCOTUS. @MarriageEquality.

Cooper Hefner: Ignorance isn’t always bliss. Lets hope the United States Supreme Court can remind us that seperate but equal has never worked. #prop8

Chelsea Clinton: Eagerly awaiting news from today’s Supreme Court hearing on @Prop8. #UnitedForMarriage

Ben Affleck: I agree. RT @BarackObama: RT if you agree.@MarriageEquality

Damon Lindelof: If you’re against marriage equality, please unfollow me. You can hate LOST all you want, but you can’t hate love.

Lindsay Lohan: All love is created equal #MarriageEquality

Samantha Ronson: in the words of Jay Z “what you eat don’t make me sh**.” #MarriageEquality

Evan Rachel Wood: I am seeing lots of red squares on twitter today. Nicely done guys! Spread the word. Change your pic. #equality

Steve Nash: “We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.”-Will Rogers #prop8

Kim Kardashian: Equality for all. It’s that simple. #prop8

Lena Dunham: Would love to pop by Supreme Court & present a slideshow of all the gay people I know who are beautifully married #betterhomeshndgardens

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