Celebrities Send Easter Wishes on Twitter


By Michael Lewittes


It’s Easter, and celebrities are taking to Twitter to send well-wishes and share their thoughts.

See what the stars are saying here!

Justin Bieber: Easter. #Blessed

Britney Spears: Happy Easter! Blessed to be spending the day with my family back home (…missing my little @hannahspears though, she doesn’t like to fly.)

Alicia Keys: Happy Sunday!! Happy Easter!! Easter suits and baskets!! Gotta love daddy’s and nana’s ;-) Have a blessed day!!

Russell Brand: Resurrection! New beginnings! Elevation of consciousness! Jesus back again! Chocolate mini-eggs! Fertility! Phwoar. Happy Easte (rogen).

Mariah Carey: Happy Easter dahhlings…I finally caught the Easter bunny

Lindsay Vonn: Happy Easter everyone!

Snooki: Happy Easter! Have an amazing day!!

Justin Timberlake: What do y’all know about Cadbury Cream Eggs though..? Reese’s Chocolate/Peanut Butter Eggs?? Y’all don’t hear me… Happy Easter!!

Jenny McCarthy: Single on Easter while ovulating. #easteregghunt?

Kendall Jenner: Happy Easter my little chicklets!!

Tori Spelling: Any other grown women creeping thru their yard at the break of dawn hiding small multi colored objects in bushes? #EasterBaby

Nicki Minaj: The Resurrection >>>>>> easter outfits, easter eggs, easter bunnies.

Rob Lowe: Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Kim Kardashian: Happy Easter everyone!!!

Jimmy Fallon: Happy Easter!

Paula Abdul: Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all! :)

Oprah: Happy Easter Day watching # supersoulsunday

Hilary Duff: Happy Easter!!

Kourtney Kardashian: Happy Easter!

Chris Colfer: “I wonder what Helen Mirren is doing for Easter…” #holidayconcerns Happy Easter everybody!\

Piutbull: happy Easter 2 all my amazing fans daleeeeee

Valerie Bertinelli: Hope everyone is having a happy and blessed Easter

Conan O’Brien: Just went to Easter Mass in Atlanta. This woman is rocking the bonnet I was going to wear.

Katherine Heigl: Happy Easter to everyone out there today!

Carrie Underwood: Happy Easter to all! Even the grave could stop Jesus’ love for us! He is risen and He lives in all of us! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Josh Duhamel: Happy Easter everyone!!!

Olivia Wilde: Easter is a tough time for eggs

Katie Couric: If anyone goes to the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue please send photos! And tell me if you see Fred Astaire or Judy Garland!

JWoww: Happy Easter everyone!!! Love u all! Have an amazing day :)

Hayden Panettiere: HAPPY EASTER!

Jim Carrey: Jesus was the ultimate example of forgiveness faith and renewal.Let’s lift our spirits to a brighter place,today.Happy Easter everyone!

Paris Hilton: The Easter Bunny chilling with @SnoopDogg. Happy Easter everyone!

Rose McGowan: Happy Easter, little bunnies!

Russell Crowe: Happy Easter to all the villagers

Dwayne Johnson: Happy Easter everybody! Enjoy your family time today.. Love ~ The Big Brown Easter Bunny

Bethenny Frankel: Happy easter my cute little twitter bunnies!

Elizabeth Banks: Happy Easter! A smile for your Sunday

Julianne Hough: On our way to church for Easter Sunday!

Rebel Wilson: HAPPY EASTER everyone! I’m hunting chocolate bunnies with my mouth!

Michael Strahan: Happy Easter everybody!!

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Happy Easter! Xo celebrate by watching The Client List!

Kelly Osbourne: #HappyEaster To all my tweet-hearts!

Nick Jonas: Happy Easter everyone.

Nicky Hilton: Happy Easter!

Melissa Rivers: Happy Easter, everyone! Invited to a friend’s for dinner tonight. I’m Jewish – what do I bring? Lox and bunnies?

Milla Jovovich: hey everyone! happy easter for those that celebrate it today! we are having a bbq and an easter egg hunt for the kids, what about you all?

Lindsay Lohan: Happy Easter!!!!!

Tyra Banks: Pls eat all my chocolate bunnies for me since I can’t stand chocolate.

Miranda Kerr: Happy Easter and many blessings to all

Kate Upton: Happy Easter!!

Geri Halliwell: ome bunny loves you…. #happy Easter

Victoria Justice: For those of you who celebrate, I want to wish you a very happy Easter! To those of you who don’t, happy Sunday!

Eliza Dushku: Happy Easter, my little egg-heads!

Carson Daly: #HappyEaster !!!! Have a great day everyone.

Giuliana Rancic: Happy Easter!!!

Maria Menounos: For those who celebrate easter today…happy easter:)

Steve Carell: The Easter Bunny left the Yellow Pages on our doorstep.

Emma Roberts: What a happy Easter. Just saw 2M followers??? Thanks you guys. I’m so excited!

Joan Rivers: I’m forgetful. At my Easter egg hunt I said, “While you’re looking for the eggs, there’s 50 bucks to the person who can find my car keys.”

Ian Somerhalder: HAPPY EASTER!

Heidi Montag: Happy Easter! I will Rejoice and be glad

Gavin DeGraw; Happy Easter ;)

Kourtney Kardashian: Wishing everyone a very blessed and happy Easter Sunday!

Gary Busey: A very merry #Easter to you, to you. A very merry #Easter to you, to you

Frank Ocean: mellow easter

Hugh Hefner: Easter at the Playboy Mansion includes a traditional Easter Egg Hunt for the Playmates’ children. A favorite day for all of us.

AnnaLynne McCord: Happy Easter! And Happy Passover! And Happy Sunday! Mine’s a beauty, hope urs is too!

Neil Patrick Harris: Happy Easter, everyone! Have a great night, and a word of advice: try not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Christina Applegate: Happy Easter!

Cobie Smulders: Happy Easter!!

Kristin Chenoweth: Happy Easter everyone! Xo

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