‘The Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Proposes To Catherine Giudici (VIDEO)


By Michael Lewittes


Catherine Giudici


Sean Lowe is engaged! “The Bachelor” popped the question to Catherine Giudici on Monday night’s finale after letting down a tearful Lindsay Yenter.

But let’s start from the beginning! Both ladies got to meet Lowe’s family in Thailand at the show’s opening, and his parents were pleased with his final choices. But Lowe’s mom broke down in tears when he said he didn’t yet know to whom he was going to propose, wondering if he should even get engaged at all.

The Bachelor then had his final date with Lindsay, in which they took a river raft ride. Later, the pair talked about growing old together and sent paper lanterns into the sky with the messages “love” “happiness” and “family.”

The following day Lowe had his last date with Catherine, during which the couple rode an elephant and also discussed growing old together. However, the mood quickly changed when Catherine told him she loved him, and all he responded was, “Thanks for a great day” (Note: The Bachelor is not allowed to confess such things until the proposal). She broke down in tears, and expressed frustration to the camera about him not reciprocating her admissions.

The next morning, Lowe told the camera he made a decision and will choose the one he “couldn’t stand to live without.” But first he had to break up with Lindsay. Lowe told her through tears, “My heart’s taking me somewhere else,” but said he did love her. Lindsay repeatedly said, “It’s okay, It’s okay,” before asking the dreaded question, “Was it me?” Then she took off her heels and peaced out of there. Breaking down all over again in the car ride to the airport, Lindsay cried, “This is like really sad.” With that out of the way, Lowe could finally reveal his true feelings for Catherine.

First, Chris Harrison delivered a heartfelt letter from her in which she praised their relationship together. When she arrived, Lowe quickly got down on one knee and popped the question. Both were beside themselves with excitement, and Catherine couldn’t believe it was “for real.” They then rode off into the sunset on an elephant to live happily ever after begin their ABC press tour.

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