Is This Cat Going Up Or Down The Stairs?

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Cat Stairs

By Daniel Gates


Cat Stairs


Is the cat going up the stairs or down the stairs? That’s the question of the day. Forget #TheDress. The Internet now has #TheCat. (Or maybe #TheStairs?) A simple picture of a cat walking on stairs has people debating whether the feline is ascending or descending. What do you think?

The image appears to have originated this week on the photo-sharing platform Imgur and then the website 9Gag, before being picked up by dozens of other sites and getting spread on social media. However, the picture seems to date back to even earlier incarnations online. And it’s sparking debate.

“The cat’s going down. Only an idiot would design stairs with a lip on the end on the part you walk on,” said one commenter. But another person countered, “I think it’s up… shadow just can tell us where the light come from… But some dirty things near the each con. It must be horizontal.” Here’s a third opinion: “Neither. It’s clearly on a very uneven horizontal surface you buffoons.” Well, OK then.

What do you think? Check out the full image of the cat on the stairs below. Is the pet going up… or down?

Cat Up Down Stairs


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