Casper Smart “Begging” Jennifer Lopez to Have His Baby to Save Relationship?

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By Daniel Gates


Casper Smart is so desperate to get back on Jennifer Lopez’s good side that he’s begging her to have his baby,” claims Star magazine.

The tabloid explains that Smart has “been in the doghouse” ever since Star revealed that he “visited a gay peep show the day before J. Lo’s 43rd birthday in July, and he thinks that a baby will prove he’s sincere.”

“Jennifer is a true romantic and wants to get married again and possibly have another baby, and Casper is playing that,” says a so-called “insider” for the mag. “He thinks that offering to have a baby with Jennifer will show her he’s serious about a future with her, as she has actually questioned if he is indeed gay.” Star adds that Smart has been spending time with Lopez’s 4-year-old twins Max and Emme to prove that he’s a worthy father figure. But the mag says “friends” suspect that his intentions are not what they appear, and that his desire for a baby is “just a ploy to stay in [Lopez’s] good graces.”

Hmm. Here’s what’s actually happening. Star, which last March wrongly reported that Smart and Lopez were getting secretly married in Mexico, tried to score a big scoop in August with a big cover story about how he “betrayed” her by getting “caught in [a] gay sex club.” But the allegations were overblown and sensationalized, and nearly two months later, nothing has changed with the couple. Hence the need for new “controversy” about Smart, Lopez and their future.

But just like those previous Star stories, the latest report about Smart allegedly “begging” Lopez for a baby to save their relationship is speculation and nothing more. A source close to Lopez tells Gossip Cop the story is “inaccurate.”

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