Cara Delevingne Attacking Justin Bieber? HollywoodLife Made It Up

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Cara Delevingne Justin Bieber

By Daniel Gates

Cara Delevingne Justin Bieber

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The serial fabricators at HollywoodLife are now making up a feud between Cara Delevingne and Justin Bieber.

As Gossip Cop has pointed out, the lying webloid spent months manufacturing a feud between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift over Bieber.

It was never true, and Swift herself exposed the site’s lies.

Now, HollywoodLife is trying to make it seem like Delevingne is attacking Bieber on Instagram.

According to the blog, “Cara posted a slew of quotes to her Instagram aimed at her gal pal’s famous ex.”

Oh, what kind of quotes?

Well, on Sunday, the model posted, “Stop Swimming Across Oceans For People Who Won’t Jump A Puddle For You.”

No one looked at that quote and thought it was a diss of Justin Bieber.

Except HollywoodLife, which has a vested interest in pitting celebrities against each other and misleading fans into thinking they’re at war.

That’s how we get Monday’s HollywoodLife story, which says of Delevingne, “Ouch! She clearly wants Justin to know that she does not have Bieber fever!”


By the way, HollywoodLife knows this is a b.s. story, which is why (1) the webloid fails to mention any of the other messages Delevingne posted, because they’re even harder to connect to Bieber, and (2) the blog asks its readers at the very end of the report, “Do you think Cara’s message is aimed at Justin?”

Attention, HollywoodLife: You’re supposed to report on celebrity news — misinterpreting Instagram posts and then asking your readers to do your work for you doesn’t count as reporting.

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