Cara Delevingne Hides In Bathroom From Paparazzi: You Make Me “Feel Like A Caged Animal”

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Cara Delevingne Hiding Bathroom

By Daniel Gates

Cara Delevingne Hiding Bathroom

(Getty Images)

Cara Delevingne was forced to hide in a bathroom to avoid paparazzi on Friday.

She detailed the experience on Twitter.

“I am currently hiding in a public bathroom because of guess who… If you guessed paparazzi you were right!!” wrote Delevingne from an undisclosed location. “Thanks for making me feel like a caged animal once again. You won!”

The model added, “Also if I see the one who started stroking his ass at me and acting like a 5 year old i hope you don’t have kids cause I am worried for them.”

Delevingne continued:

The bathroom standoff appears to be over.

Paparazzi harassment has contributed to two separate Justin Bieber car crashes in recent days, so it could be worse.

But we wish these cameramen would just leave Delevingne, Bieber and everyone else alone.

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