Justin Bieber Atlanta Protest Is Radio Show Stunt (UPDATED)

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By Daniel Gates


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Justin Bieber’s potential move to Atlanta is making some people angry, leading a radio station to try to capitalize on the situation.

As Gossip Cop reported, the singer is said to be eyeing an $11 million mansion in the city’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood.

But some area residents want to keep Bieber out of the community.

In response, the staff of local morning show “The Regular Guys” of ROCK 100.5 organized a fake protest by the fake Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition, claiming to be concerned neighborhood citizens.

The station went as far as using employees and interns to assume identities to trumpet the protest in media interviews, and created posters to support the cause (see below).

And although their outrage was fake, the idea of a protest was met by approval from tons of people who responded online, though it’s worth noting that plenty of people also came to Bieber’s defense.

On Monday, the radio station claimed responsibility for the hoax, saying they decided to spread the anti-Bieber sentiment because they thought it would be “fun,” and expressed satisfaction that their stunt was so successful.

We have a feeling, however, that not everyone would consider the station’s antics “fun.”

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