WATCH: Bryce Dallas Howard Cries On Command On Conan (VIDEO)

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Bryce Dallas Howard cries Conan

By Minyvonne Burke


Bryce Dallas Howard cries Conan


Bryce Dallas Howard broke down in tears after Conan O’Brien asked her to on Wednesday’s “Conan.” The Jurassic World actress revealed to the late-night talk show host that she easily gets teary-eyed no matter what she’s talking about. Check out the video below.

“You can cry on command?” asked O’Brien, adding, “How long do you need to prepare for that?” Dallas Howard said as long as they kept talking, at some point the tears would start to flow. “Do we have to talk about things that are related to Jurassic Word, or just things in general?” joked O’Brien. When Dallas Howard said it can simply be “small talk,” Conan launched into a speech about what he likes about Home Depot. “You can get duct tape, all kinds of duct tape. You can get grey duct tape, black duct tape,” he said.

Dallas Howard chimed in saying, “Yeah, Home Depot is huge right?” The camera then zoomed in on her face, showing the actress’ eyes were starting to get watery. As O’Brien continued to gush about the store, Dallas Howard is seen getting more and more upset, and within a few seconds, tears started to roll down her cheek. Check out the video below to see Bryce Dallas Howard cry on command, and tell us what you think.

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