Bruno Mars on Cocaine Arrest: I Lied to Cops Because I Was Drunk


By Daniel Gates


Bruno Mars opens up about his cocaine arrest and his songwriting in the April issue of GQ. Asked to reflect on his 2010 bust in a hotel bathroom, Mars explains, “I was young, man! I was in f*cking Vegas. I wasn’t thinking.” He was also scared about the consequences. “I was given a number one record and I’m out doing dumb sh*t,” recalls Mars.

At the time, the singer told police it was his first time he had used drugs, something he now admits was a lie: “I don’t know where that came from. I was really intoxicated. I was really drunk. So a lot of that is a big blur, and I try every day to forget and keep pushing.”

More recently, Mars scored a huge hit with his song “Locked Out of Heaven,” which, like much of the album Unorthodox Jukebox, is about sex. “It feels good to sing about. It feels… sexy. It puts you in a sexy frame of mind. It feels good to project,” says Mars, adding, “Sex is a great party starter.”

Songwriting remains a major challenge, even for someone with Mars’ success. He tells the magazine, “You know how hard it is to write a big song? That sh*t is hard, man. It’s so hard to do. Might be one of the hardest things ever to do.” Part of the problem is how high Mars sets his expectations. “I don’t ever want to come out with something safe and get away with ‘It sounds good!'” he explains. “It’s got to be more than sounding good. The music I like are events.”

Mars cites songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Billie Jean,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as the type of world-shaking anthems he wants to emulate. Asked for the secret to a good song, Mars says, “Sh*t. For me? Hypnotize me in the very first three seconds, wake my ear plate up, give me something that I haven’t felt before… and then punch me in the f*cking face.” Check out more from Mars over at GQ!

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