Bruce Jenner Transition To Becoming Woman Began More Than Year Ago: Report

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Bruce Jenner Sex Change

By Daniel Gates

Bruce Jenner Sex Change

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Bruce Jenner’s transition into living as a woman has reportedly been planned for more than a year. The former Olympian and current reality TV star is said to have begun physical and psychological preparation for months, according to a new TMZ report. Jenner’s initial denials that gender transition or a sex change was the impetus for procedures like his laryngal shave (to smooth his Adam’s apple) were reportedly part of a plan to delay conversation about the process until it was further along.

The outlet says a transgender community leader has known about Jenner’s transition for “way more than a year,” but that he wanted a gradual public acknowledgment of the change rather than an abrupt bombshell. News broke this week that Jenner is preparing an E! docu-series about his journey, set to air this spring or summer. While the exact nature of the procedures and counseling Jenner has had remains unknown, his official announcement of his transition to his family is believed to have been filmed last month for the upcoming show.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Jenner’s children are said to be generally supportive of his transition, although their acceptance and understanding of his decision ranges across a “spectrum,” according to our insider. Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian referred to Jenner’s “journey” in an interview, and it’s expected that his other family members will gradually speak about the matter as his E! show gets closer.

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