Bruce Jenner Still Has Penis: NO “Genital Reassignment Surgery,” Despite Report

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Bruce Jenner Penis

By Daniel Gates


Bruce Jenner Penis

(In Touch)

Bruce Jenner still has his penis. He has NOT already had “genital reassignment surgery,” despite a new In Touch cover story that claims the Olympic hero and reality TV star has already taken “the final, irreversible surgical step” in gender transition. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

A made-up “source” tells In Touch, “Bruce has had the genital reassignment surgery. But he’s incredibly regretful about it.” Another alleged “insider” explains to the outlet, “He’s been questioning everything. One day he’s fine, and the next he’s in tears looking in the mirror and asking himself, ‘What have I done?'”

The article is mostly speculative filler about Jenner’s different steps toward becoming a woman, including various cosmetic procedures, how his sex life will change, his possible choice of a female name, and voice therapy. Except it’s built on the premise that Jenner is living a “nightmare” after having “sex-change surgery gone wrong.” So what allegedly happened?

In Touch can’t say. In fact, In Touch knows its story is so bogus, it can’t even decide if Jenner had the surgery it claims went “wrong.” Buried in the piece is a second “source” who alleges Jenner is “just not ready [to have the operation]… He intends to have it done, but the timing isn’t right yet.”

Wait… what?! Has he had the surgery or not, In Touch? The tabloid seems to swing back to the “yes, he had the surgery already” side of things later in its fictional account of events. “It’s been such a lengthy, drastic and ugly undertaking that he’s been terribly remorseful about it,” a so-called “source” says, specifically referring to genital surgery. “What he thought was going to be a glorious transformation has turned into his worst nightmare.”

Gossip Cop can clear up the rumor right now. A source close to Jenner (an actual source, not one of the phony In Touch ones) tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “He has not had surgery on his genitals.” In Touch, which has been demonstrably wrong about Jenner and his family for years, still can’t cut it.

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