Bruce Jenner Gender Transition: Separating Fact From Fiction (EXCLUSIVE)

Bruce Jenner Belinda

By Daniel Gates


Bruce Jenner Belinda

(Getty Images)

Speculation continues to swirl around Bruce Jenner, whose long-rumored gender transition is expected to be discussed for the first time during an interview with Diane Sawyer set to air next week. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned the truth about two major rumors tied to Jenner’s personal journey. Whether Jenner discusses either with Sawyer remains to be seen, but we’ve clarified with sources a couple of stories that continue to pop up with regard to Jenner.

First, Gossip Cop can debunk the widely spread report claiming Jenner will go by the name “Belinda.” We’ve learned this is NOT true.

More interestingly, Gossip Cop can confirm that Jenner’s ex-wife, Kris, DID know about his transgender identity at the beginning of their marriage, more than two decades ago. The Jenners, as a couple, both knew that Bruce was interested in a gender transition throughout their time together. They divorced last year, and now Bruce is apparently on the brink of going public with his private identity.

It’s not clear whether anyone but Kris knew about Bruce’s desire for a gender transition before now. Gossip Cop will continue to separate fact from fiction as the Jenner story unfolds.

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