Should Selena Gomez “Worry” About Britney’s “Affections” for Justin Bieber?


By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Britney Spears


HollywoodLife, so confused in the ways of romance, is at it again. Last weekend, the site wondered whether Nina Dobrev should be worried about rumored boyfriend Ian Somerhalder attending the Kentucky Derby with Kate Gosselin.

Well, not with Kate Gosselin, really. She was just among the other 175,000 people at the event, which was enough for HollywoodLife to ponder whether Gosselin would “make a run” at Somerhalder. It was such a patently stupid premise, Gossip Cop awarded it special honors.

This weekend, the site runs a similarly ridiculous item, worrying about a different blonde coming between a younger man and his girlfriend. After Britney Spears innocently tweeted that she’d picked up Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never DVD, HollywoodLife couldn’t help but weigh the threat level to his sweetheart Selena Gomez. “Does Selena Gomez have to worry?” wonders the site in its headline, later expressing hope that Spears’ “affections” don’t “distract” Bieber from his girlfriend. Hmm. Does Gomez have to “worry” about… what, exactly? Britney Spears liking her boyfriend’s DVD? Um, probably not.

Should Gomez have to “worry” every time ANY female Twitter user mentions Never Say Never? Should Spears have called for permission before diagnosing herself with Bieber Fever? Should all Never Say Never DVDs be outfitted with hidden cameras so Gomez can monitor everyone who has one? Gossip Cop hopes to hear HollywoodLife’s answers to these urgent questions as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there’s no truth to the claim. And HollywoodLife jamming together pictures of Bieber and Spears (above) won’t actually bring them together in real-life. It’s purposely misleading and wrong.

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