Britney Spears Being Forced to Marry Jason Trawick?

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By Michael Lewittes

Britney Spears Jason Trawick

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Britney Spears could be getting engaged soon, but the decision to marry Jason Trawick is not her own, according to Star magazine. The mag says Spears’ family is pressuring her to wed her boyfriend “against her will,” quoting an alleged “insider” who claims, “Marrying Jason Trawick is the last thing the vulnerable singer wants or needs.”

Star doesn’t give a reason why the Spears family is allegedly pushing to marry her off, but insists the singer and Trawick’s two-year relationship “has mainly become one of convenience rather than true love.” The “source” explains that with Trawick, Spears “has someone at her beck and call to tend to her 24/7, and Jason, of course, gets a continual bankroll.”

“Jason is a gold digger,” states the source, adding, “It’s obvious that’s why he’s pushing her to tie the knot.” The tabloid says despite Spears’ supposed open reluctance to marrying Trawick, he’s sure to pop the question soon. Another purported insider says, “Everyone around Britney is acting like the wedding would be her happy ending… but pushing her into a loveless marriage could end up being another huge mistake.” Please.

Of all the ridiculous restrictions the tabloids have imposed on Spears (such as the alleged cell phone “ban” and touring “curfew”), this one has to be the most absurd. Spears is a 30-year-old woman who’s dating Trawick on her own volition. And Trawick stopped working as her agent last spring, so we’re not sure where the tabloid gets the idea that he receives a “continual bankroll” from dating her.

Similarly, if they were to wed, there would likely be a prenuptial agreement since Spears is still under her father’s conservatorship. In any case, a rep for Spears tells Gossip Cop the story is “not true.”

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