CLAIM: Britney Spears Has Curfew

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By Daniel Gates


Oops, they did it again.

In Touch, the same publication that fabricated stories about Britney Spears fearing that her house is haunted and being barred from having more children, turns in another gem this week, insisting that Spears and her crew will launch the Femme Fatale tour under a cloud of new rules and regulations.

Of course, this newest report is totally bogus, too.

According to the tabloid, in an effort to “guard the delicate diva,” Spears’ handlers “won’t allow her out after shows, and dancers won’t be able to drink around her at all.”


Spears has a curfew, and other people are prohibited from alcohol?

In Touch also cites an “insider” who claims the team around Spears is concerned that she “take her medicine faithfully.”

“While she seems to be holding it together now,” admits the magazine, “Any shift could be enough to throw her – and the tour – off balance.”

Once again, In Touch is basing its stories on wishful thinking, not facts.

A rep for Spears reiterates to Gossip Cop that the entire story is “absurd and completely not true.”

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