Britney Spears Getting $150,000 Makeover?

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By Daniel Gates


Britney Spears is rolling in the new year with a new look — a $150,000 head-to-toe makeover!” announces the National Enquirer. The magazine says the performer is “planning a full-body overhaul which will include a strict diet and exercise program along with extensive plastic surgery to her body and face.”

“She’s unhappy when she sees photos of herself with a very obvious triple chin, and she complains she has fat on her back and stomach,” says one so-called “insider” for the Enquirer. The tab’s source continues, “Britney wants to do as much as she can to her body to improve her appearance. So right after New Year’s she’s going to go full-steam ahead to look wonderful again.” “She told me the cost of what she’s planning to have done will be $150,000,” says the Enquirer source.

And what’s all the money allegedly going toward? Spears’ makeover plans supposedly include “having excess eyelid skin removed and a possible brow-lift as well as Botox injections around her mouth, forehead and crow’s feet, lip-plumping injections, and a chemical peel.” The star also purportedly intends to “get back into a size 2 by undergoing LipoDissolve treatments on her butt, stomach and thighs at a Las Vegas clinic.” On top of everything, Spears is said to be ramping up for a “very intense workout regimen.”

But while the Enquirer is right about the “X Factor” judge continuing to exercise regularly, it’s WRONG about the long list of pricey procedures Spears is allegedly getting in 2013. Just like the tab’s false stories about Spears supposedly getting sick of motherhood or starting a starvation diet or running off to Hawaii to elope, the Enquirer is totally off in its speculation about her “$150,000 makeover.” A source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop the story is not true and just a way of “using her name” to create a “New Year, new look” article from nothing.

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National Enquirer

Britney Spears is getting a $150,000 makeover.

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