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Tale of Britney Spears to be frozen after Death goes cold

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By Shari Weiss



Britney Spears wants to be frozen after her death,” declares The Sun, “so she can be brought back to life later.”

You read that right.

The paper alleges, “The eccentric star wants her body preserved in liquid nitrogen so future generations can enjoy her dance routines in red plastic catsuits.”

You read that right, too.

In fact, the tab claims, “Britney is so enamoured by the idea – ‘cryogenic’ freezing – that she’s investing in a firm specialising in it.”

No, Spears will not be investing cold cash.

Nor is the singer planning on becoming an after-life pop-sicle.

A source close to the singer tells Gossip Cop the story is “complete B.S. and laughable.”

Just the cold facts.

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