CLAIM: Britney Spears’ Sons Smoking, Swearing and Starting Fires

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

According to the National Enquirer, Britney Spears’ young kids are out of control.

Really out of control.

The tabloid alleges that six-year-old Sean Preston and five-year-old Jayden James’ “wild antics” include trying to start fires and “mimicking their party-hearty parents’ smoking, boozing and cussing!”

Um… what?!

The Enquirer says the boys “seem to act up the most” when they’re with Spears, and father Kevin Federline is “outraged” by her permissiveness.

A so-called “insider” claims Jayden once grabbed a pack of cigarettes and “actually fired up a smoke,” while Sean has been “pretending to smoke since he was 2 and even tried to light a lollipop like a cigarette.”

The tykes also supposedly “mimic their dad’s drinking and staggering around,” reports the “insider,” who says Sean and Jayden “act drunk” and “cuss like sailors.”

Most disturbing of all is the Enquirer allegation that the “free-wheeling youngsters” seem to be “fascinated by fire.”

“At a recent family get-together, Kevin wouldn’t let his kids light the barbecue pit, but later they were caught trying to start their own fire with one of Britney’s lighters in their room,” explains the tab’s “insider.”

The supposed source adds, “Kevin’s fit to be tied. He says he’s had it with Britney’s ‘lazy mothering.'”

Actually, this is just “lazy” reporting.

The Enquirer provides no evidence for its outrageous claims, and does not even quote the allegedly worried Federline.

When Gossip Cop asked about the magazine’s incendiary story, a rep told us it’s “absolutely not true.”

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