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‘Double Wedding’ For Britney Spears And Sis Is Doubly Wrong

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By Shari Weiss

(OK! Magazine)

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop poked fun at the tabloids for claiming Britney Spears was planning a wedding this year, which by our count was her 63rd wedding in 2010 alone.

Now OK! Magazine takes it one step further, announcing TWO – yes, two – Spears weddings.

According to the tab, the singer is going to have a “double wedding” with her sister, Jamie Lynn.

Yes, you read that right.

The mag claims it was the elder Spears’ idea to “marry their boyfriends, Jason Trawick and Casey Aldridge, in a spectacular double wedding!”

What began as a half-joke, says the mag, soon turned into actual wedding plans that include “their kids [as] ring bearers and the flower girl,” the sisters walking each other down the aisle, and “fantasy guests” such as President Barack Obama, Oprah and Lady Gaga.

Why not Abe Lincoln while they’re at it?

Anyway, a so-called “source” says Trawick particularly liked the joint-nuptial ideas.

“Jason said it would be bigger than a royal wedding,” states the source, adding, “Britney’s eyes lit up… A Spears-girls double wedding would be a huge attention-getter.”

And that’s probably what OK! hoped when it ran with this completely fabricated “double wedding” story.

But back on planet Earth, a source close to Britney tells Gossip Cop “there is no truth” to the tabloid’s wedding claims. And a Jamie Lynn pal also says it’s made up.

The only congratulations to be extended here is to OK! for being wrong twice in a single story.

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