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Claim that Britney Spears hit Jason Trawick doesn’t connect

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By Michael Lewittes


In a piece titled, “Britney Bitch Slaps Jason,” X17Online claims they witnessed Britney Spears smacking around her boyfriend Jason Trawick.

Incredibly, though Spears is followed everywhere by paparazzi, an X17Online photographer was the only person to witness this – and yet the photographer did not get one single photo of the supposed incident.


According to X17Online, Trawick was recently following Spears in his own car when “he decided to join her in her Mercedes G-Wagon and have her bodyguard drive his car. He called Brit on the phone to ask her to pull over, which she did, but she was blocking traffic and cars behind her started honking. This frustrated her and by the time Jason got to the car, she was ready to explode — and she did!”

X17Online goes on to say, “Britney flew into a rage,” and quotes their photographer alleging that Brtiney then “hit Jason in the face five or six times!”


The photog, who then psychoanalyzed Spears, opines, “It looked like she was taking out years of frustration on Jason when she was hitting him.”

Uh, huh…

Just to recap: X17Online, which is a “news” and photo agency, says they were the only ones to witness Spears hit Trawick numerous times in the face in public, and the photographer who saw this (and psychoanalyzed the singer’s motivation) didn’t get one single picture?

Admittedly, Gossip Cop had a gut feeling about this story from X17Online, which has several times witnessed events that never occurred, but still we checked out this story.

A Spears source tells Gossip Cop, “That never happened.”

Yet another “X” for X17Online.

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