Allegations that Put Britney Spears “On The Brink” Stink

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By Daniel Gates


Britney Spears is “on the brink” of an emotional meltdown as she prepares to launch her Femme Fatale tour, according to Star magazine. That’s a pretty serious claim. What makes Star so sure?

The tabloid alleges “the fallout from horrible reviews” and other pressures have made Spears’ friends concerned that disaster “could be on the horizon for the troubled pop princess.” Behind the scenes, Spears is supposedly “crushed that everyone seems to be piling on and slamming her already,” says one so-called “source.”

One big “embarrassment,” claims Star, was the confusion last week over whether Enrique Iglesias would be touring with Spears this summer. Apparently, the premature announcement of Iglesias’ participation shows how Spears is “drowning under a sea of bad publicity,” to borrow Star‘s language. Or maybe the magazine, which also claims Kevin Federline‘s girlfriend’s pregnancy is a “downer” for Spears, is the desperate party here.

After all, a drama-free Spears comeback isn’t as tabloid-friendly as her “past history of emotional breakdowns,” which Star seems almost giddy to see repeated. And where is Star getting that Spears is being hurt by this alleged wave of “bad publicity” and tough criticism? In fact, Femme Fatale has garnered Spears some of the strongest reviews of her career, and the album just debuted earlier today at #1 on the Billboard chart.

Oops… Star did it again. A rep for Spears says loose talk of the pop star being “on the brink” of emotional devastation is “completely not true.” Gossip Cop thinks it’s also a pretty crummy way to cover a person who finally does seem to have beaten her demons.

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