Britney Spears NOT Engaged to Charlie Ebersol, Despite Claim

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Britney Spears Charlie Ebersol Engaged

By Michael Lewittes


Britney Spears Charlie Ebersol Engaged


Britney Spears is not engaged to Charlie Ebersol, despite a new report that claims the singer and the reality show producer will celebrate their engagement with a “lavish” holiday party at Mel Gibson’s home in Costa Rica. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this ridiculous story, which was first published in the National Enquirer, which oddly has a habit of trying to marry Spears off during different holidays.

Interestingly, while the tabloid fills its space about the party Gibson will supposedly host, the magazine does not have one detail about the proposal. That’s because there wasn’t one. Instead, the Enquirer brushes past that and just reports Spears and Ebersol’s engagement party will be held at Gibson’s estate, noting the actor had “counseled” Spears after her 2008 mental breakdown. One problem: As Gossip Cop reported years ago, Spears and Gibson were NOT in contact. Oops… the Enquirer did it again.

Still, the magazine trudges on, adding that Ebersol’s mom Susan Saint James “doesn’t think Britney is the right choice for her son.” That sentence was thrown in by the Enquirer, so that it then cover itself when the holidays come and go and there’s no engagement party. Come January, the tabloid can then say the “engagement” party was supposedly canceled because of James’ objections.

Of course, the Enquirer has a rich history of being wrong about Spears, having incorrectly reported just last month that the singer was hiring “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger to help find her a new man. Previously, the tabloid was off base when it reported Spears was marrying ex-boyfriend David Locado over Thanksgiving and then again around New Year’s 2014. Nor did she wed Jason Trawick on Valentine’s Day in 2012, as the Enquirer reported she would.

A skeptic might think the supermarket tabloid simply has a formula in which it takes Spears and adds a holiday to come up with a story about her getting married. Gossip Cop has a different approach. We fact-check, and a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the engagement claim is completely false.

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