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Britney Spears Bra Ban Busted

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By Daniel Gates


Talk about a Britney Spears story with no “support.”

There’s a rumor everywhere — thanks to The Sun — that Spears is forbidden to leave home without wearing a bra.

You read that correctly.

According to the paper, father Jamie Spears is embarrassed by “constant pictures of her nipples popping out of her clothes,” and insists Britney leave her house wearing the proper undergarments.

How “seriously” does Jamie reportedly take this new rule?

He’s supposedly threatened to fire one of his daughter’s security guards who has allowed her to be photographed sans bra several times.

Let’s end this nonsense right here.

There is no Nipplegate. There is no ban on Britney being bra-less.

A source close to Spears assures us it’s all made up. In fact, what really keeps “popping out” these days is how desperate outlets are to invent new Britney controversies.

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