CLAIM: Britney Spears Getting Boob Job and Liposuction “Makeover”

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By Daniel Gates


Britney Spears is getting fat-dissolving shots and plans to have a boob job as part of a $50,000 full-body makeover, alleges the National Enquirer. Spears allegedly “flipped out” after hearing that ex-husband Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince were expecting a baby, leading her to seek treatments to regain her “hottie” body.

The Enquirer doesn’t really explain why Prince’s pregnancy “devastated” Spears and “rocked” her into pursuing a new body, but the tabloid’s sources insist she’s already begun LipoDissolve injections. But that’s supposedly just the start, claims the Enquirer, which cites an “insider” as saying, “She wants new boobs and plans to have liposuction treatments to sculpt her thighs and remove fat on her back and arms.” Really?

According to the magazine, Spears “hopes to have all the cosmetic work done prior to the start of rehearsals for her Femme Fatale tour.” In other words, if the pop star is in good shape for her concerts, expect the Enquirer to claim it’s only because she had surgery.

As per usual, the tabloid is desperate to create Britney drama, even when there isn’t any. A rep for the star tells Gossip Cop the “total body makeover” story is “complete garbage.”

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National Enquirer

Britney Spears is getting a boob job and liposuction makeover.

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