TAB: Britney Spears Having Baby “On Her Own” In Wake Of Jason Trawick Split

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By Michael Lewittes


“Britney’s Baby Nightmare!” screams a headline from OK!, which claims that Britney Spears “wants another child” in the wake of her split from Jason Trawick. The mag reports, “Britney has said she wants another baby — preferably a girl, to go with sons Jayden, 6, and Sean, 7,” and the singer allegedly “plans to do it on her own.”

According to a purported “insider” for the tabloid, “Britney isn’t thinking straight. It’s obvious that she is trying to fill a void.” The so-called “source” explains, “She’s a very lonely person and now with Jason gone she’s even more lost,” noting, “In her mind a baby would fix all that, it would give her something to love and focus on.”

OK! goes on to claim that Spears may ask her ex-husband Kevin Federline “to act as sperm donor” so that Jayden and Sean “can have a full-blooded sibling.” What?!? Yes, the tabloid’s “insider” goes so far as to say that “she and Kevin are in talks with their lawyers” for him to father her child — despite the fact that he has a family with his longtime girlfriend, Victoria Prince.

Oh, please. This story is completely BOGUS. OK! is just desperately trying to prolong the drama of Spears and Trawick’s broken engagement by printing a story about the singer supposedly doing something erratic in the wake of her split. Unfortunately for the mag, Spears is actually coping fine with her breakup. A source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s baby report has “no merit.”

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